Advanced video display seting for Zidoo x8/x9s/x10/x20/x20PRO

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    Hi, can you add to next firmware little advanced video display seting?
    What i mean? I will try to do this by way of example.

    On each resolution you would specify
    -deep space mode
    -color space mode
    -hdmi range mode

    Why? Becaouse not all display are are equal. When i set all on "auto" 1080p video content run at 12bit video and this is wrong, because it is 8bit. And if there are some limited HDMI you must set some specifict seting on it and this dont works well on all content. This function works perfect on some others player.

    I would suggest create the option to with a bookmark where i can specific settings who will be saved to the specific resolution. Like at 720p i use some and for 1080p something different and on 2160p the same others.

    -deep space mode (OFF)
    -color space mode (4:4:4)
    -hdmi range mode (AUTO)

    -deep space mode (10bit)
    -color space mode (4:2:2)
    -hdmi range mode (AUTO)

    This have Dune and others player or MadVR.. :)

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