8tb Seagate Expansion to x9s

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by JeromeA, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. JeromeA

    JeromeA New Member

    hello everyone... can i use 8tb external drive on my x9s through usb port? if yes, it'll be great. if no, is there any way i can use my 8tb? i dont want to open my external drive's enclosure just to plug it through sata of x9s.

    many many thanks in advance for the replies...
  2. TVBoxFan

    TVBoxFan New Member

    Yes it will work, this is the one I have on my X9S.

    I use it as the storage for the recordings of my HDHomerun TV tuners.

    X9S is also acting as my NAS shared network drive (OpenWRT) View attachment 3123 .

    The HDHomerun DVR recording engine is also driven by the same X9S.
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  3. JeromeA

    JeromeA New Member

    wow!!! im very very happy
    wow! this is a great news! im very very happy with this. i will try my 8tb later.

    this is my drive
  4. looun

    looun Member

    yes, but HD must have only ONE partition : Exfat , EXT3 o NTFS.
  5. AMST

    AMST New Member

    Yes, working perfectly in my setup, WD MyBook 8TB connected to Zidoo X9S USB 3.0 port.
  6. JeromeA

    JeromeA New Member

    guys unfortunately my x9s is not recognizing my 8tb. same result when i tried to plug it on my friend's x9s. is there any way i can fix this??
  7. JeromeA

    JeromeA New Member

    already tried 3 x9s. but still same result. formatted the disc to all kinds of format. therefore i confirmed zidoo can't read 8tb seagate directly on usb ports.
  8. AMST

    AMST New Member

  9. JeromeA

    JeromeA New Member

    i will switch to z9s. my 8tb is smooth on z9s. i've tried earlier today and im happy for the result.

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