264.mkv Files not recognized under smb

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Martin Musko, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Martin Musko

    Martin Musko Member

    This is my setup:
    ZDMC 18.4 running on Z9S.
    2 PCs Win 10 Workgroup smb network
    When I add in ZDMC a disk on PC1 with avi and mkv files and try to play back an avi-file or an mkv-file everything is OK.
    When I add in ZDMC a disk on PC2 with the same avi and mkv files only the avi files are played back. mkv files are visable but do not start on playback.
    Using the Zidoo Media Player all files on both PCs are played.
    It looks like the mediainfo parameters for mkv files on PC2 are not recognized under ZDMC. So playback is prohibited.
    I have tried to use identical networking parameters for the disks on both PCs.
    Any suggestion is welcome!

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