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  1. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    First time the online update ever popped up or worked automatically, and it just updated via "online update" to 2.1.28 which I don't even SEE HERE AT ALL?????.(pretty cool..it lists all the updates & fixes on your tv display.
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  2. mohamed75

    mohamed75 New Member

    I didn't get any update notice till now.
  3. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    Wow.. very coincidental.. I hadn't used my zidoo for 3 weeks till today!!!o_O hopefully it's a good update! :rolleyes::D
  4. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    no update for me. it may come up in batches. strange no post on forum from zidoo
  5. szefo

    szefo Active Member

    For me installed online update with no problem.
  6. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    came up for me last night
    didnt run then cos i wasnt sure if it was this version or 2-1-25 which had lots of issues,and didnt want to ruin 2-1-22 which was pretty near perfect

    ran just now
    ill post later if any issues
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I went through online upgrade yesterday without any issues. I was hoping that
    “2. Optimize the search interface“
    will fix the crippled search for the movie interface.
    No, that didn’t happen :(

    We still have the same arrow, arrow... to get to the number; arrow again to get to the letter and enter. Repeat from beginning for the second letter ;)

    What’s wrong with direct keyboard input like the rest of electronics in the whole wide world?
    Next option would be to use remote numeric keypad to type the letters like we did on the flip phones in the past. Using arrows around to navigate to numbers is simply annoying.
  8. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Here is the link to 2.1.28 for 1295 x8/x9s/x10 and here is changelog:

    Version: 2.1.28
    Stage: #Release
    Package: #OTA

    MD5 Hash: A82F335206FC0B207FF51C38435AABB6


    1. Optimize the NFS connection strategy to avoid the problem of player (gallery) error caused by network fluctuations.
    2. Optimize system stability
    3. Add mobile phone control function (you can control all functions of the player by mobile phone. You can change the device name in 'All Apps - Control Center', the mobile phone control app has been put on Google Play, and the Apple Store is uploaded later.

    1. Subtitle download increases multi-language simultaneous download function
    2. Optimize DLNA projection function
    3. Optimize the plug-in ASS, SSA special effects subtitles, the memory leak caused the player (gallery) error

    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Subtitle download increases multi-language simultaneous download function
    2. Fix the problem that the status bar is not displayed.

    Poster wall
    1. Optimize custom wallpaper loading to solve the problem of loading long images or high resolution images that are easy to crash
    2. Optimize the search interface
    3. Optimize stability

    Music player
    1. Rewrite the playback engine and upgrade to ZIDOO MUSIC V5.0
    2. Optimize playback stability, such as SACD abnormal jump problem
    3. Add multiple audio formats, such as AIF
    4. Folder interface optional original directory structure browsing
    5. Optimize CUE file playback accuracy

    Quick settings
    1. Subtitle download language adds multiple selection function
    2. Optimize the audio original sampling rate switch
  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    @nc88keyz, would you know by any chance what was the improvement in search interface?

    “Poster wall
    2. Optimize the search interface“
  10. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    I know the app for android is amazing! There is pretty much zero latency and you can do even player settings from the app! It's a huge welcomed update for a player 3 years running or more. To provide this support along with the z series is just a huge thumbs up for zidoo. I do wonder why they never updated past android 6 though. Cannot wait for the ios app to be released. I can check some search stuff if you have a certain thing you would like to check out.
  11. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member


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  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    @nc88keyz, I can see your excitement about this app.

    Can someone explain the practical reason for app?
    My portable phones and tablets in the house are on IOS so I don’t have the app. It looks very similar to Zidoo remote browser interface. I have tried old Zidoo browser remote and apps for Kodi remote many times but at the end I always end up using plastic remote or small media keyboards.

    Why would anybody use it over convenient standard plastic remote control? You are still sitting in front of the TV and if you control the TV screen or your phone screen you end up in the same place watching something on the TV. Maybe when someone is using the TV you could browse your collection?

    Another valid reason would be to select and play music from collection on your good surround system without turning the TV or specially projector on.
    However music player is still behind the times and not very practical for this.
  13. WasabiNME

    WasabiNME New Member

    Because for me, the plastic remote stinks. You press a button, nothing happens. Then you press the same button again, and it finally registers twice. Apparently you need the aim of a sniper. The app just works.
  14. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Ditto, and its snappy. IR is laggy on these boxes. But yes, you absolutely can browse your collection. Unless the ip browser interface has had major updates I dont think they are anything alike. Someone actually put thought into the zidoo app layout for starters.
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Ok point taken, you do need to aim at the box. On the other side you are looking at small phone screen sitting in front of a large TV or projector screen ;)

    Maybe IR is laggy but I don’t walk around the house with my phone strapped to my body. I have to go get my phone, turn it on, find the app icon, start the app, maybe wait for connection to the Zidoo or even start Zidoo,
    I can just pick up plastic remote conveniently placed by my couch and push one power button :)
  16. andys

    andys Member

    always full screen problem, does not memorize..you change movie and set it up,it's annoying!!
    why do automatic update if you don't want it?
  17. p98

    p98 New Member

    Music player 5.0 still cannot read metadata / id3 tags of music files. The music matching is still a mess. Soooo disappointed!
  18. John Casey

    John Casey Member

    Not worth scanning music to Music Player 5. The remote app is very good though and playing albums from file manager seems to work and gets things in the right order.
    Not a great solution but an improvement.
  19. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    Not everyone wants to hand a house guest their phone or tablet to control the audio on the Zidoo. Nor do I want to have everybody who walks through the door to have to joint the network to use it either. I don't mind them using the remote control and the device. What you propose is not a solution for other people to access besides myself.
  20. thewonderer

    thewonderer New Member

    I wish I hadn't upgraded to this version. I did a factory reset and the Home Theatre was very laggy. It scanned by NAS successfully and started playing but when i try to jump to another part of the MKV file, it freezes for ages and that's it. Even when I close it and try again, I can see in the timer on the x9s that it is still trying to play the previous file at the time stamp it got stuck at.

    Kodi 18.3, well after the pain of having to manually add the ip address and share path it plays the file fine, but only PCM decoding, not direct HDMI output. Checked settings in player and x9s quick settings for pass through. All good. The home theatre outputs audio pass through correctly but not Kodi... no idea why so going to try zdmc 17.6.1 which worked with my previous version.

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