10TB WD drive not recognised

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by promartin, Jul 6, 2022.

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    This is my first Media Player Zidoo X10, so the first thing I did is installing the newest firmwares after reading through the forums and sat it up properly.

    I bought a 10TB WD Red Pro, because the manual said that it can handle 10TB internally, so what I did was buying a HDD docker, because I was lazy to install it into my computer, but after formatting and copying all the data to the HDD, sliding it into my X10 and turning on the player the HDD started to give out this clicking sound.

    Since I'm not a newbie to tech I knew clicking sound + HDD is baaaad, so I turned it off, took out my HDD and plugged it into my docker at the computer to check it and it said it's all good, so I plugged it in again and this time I let it run. I checked on the Zidoo X10, it wasn't recognized, it wasn't recognized in OpenWrt neither, so I started to read trough the forums I read in a thread that you have to install the HDD into the computer, and then format it, so I did. I installed the HDD into my computer, (deleted and formatted the partition to NTFS+GPT), copied a test file to the HDD and unplugged it. I went to my player, plugged it in and turned it on, but still gave out that clicking sound and it still wasn't recognized.

    I'm really puzzled, I don't know why is it happening, maybe it needs more power than what the Zidoo X10 can deliver? I don't think so tho, maybe you guys can help
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    Have you used another HDD in the X10? If not, do you have a smaller drive you can try out?
    Or.....wipe the 10TB drive and install it empty and see what happens or doesn't in this case.

    This may sound silly, but maybe it's too much tech for the X10 (after reading the specs) starting with it's a 7200 RPM drive which is overkill for a media player. ;)

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