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    Only on the Venom DVmkv sound is not work at first,but when a change to other and then change one again to truehd atmos is ok,
    Spiderman DV,ghost in the shell DV,hobbs and shaw DV are ok with Atmos truehd.But my problem is LG C9 :D
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    I also speak for this movies .Mel with makemkv 1.15.3 and Fel with ts muxer,fel to mel,iso and the mkv.
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    What is the difference?
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    Did some of you succeed in make ASS subtiltes work within mkv? I tried evrything: attaching fonts to the mkv file, attaching them to the *.ass file itself, both...

    I also noticed the Z9X's "customsubtitlefont" rootfolder, in which I put the fonts. No luck.
    I don't know what to do anymore. Do I need to install the fonts in a special way in this machine or something?

    Any thoughts/advise would be welcome.

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    You are going to have hard time trying to accomplish what you want to do with splitters or HDMI switches.

    Those devices when splitting the signal will analyze EDID’s from both destination devices and advise source on common lower set compatible for both.

    In order to get HDR + you would need to connect TV only first just to establish the link. When this is going connect receiver to second port. The problem is that your TV probably does not have Atmos sound capabilities and it would advise source (Zidoo) to output audio in lower format. Unless you can force Z9X to output raw audio ignoring EDID it will be a problem.

    I have something similar done on my old projector and even older receiver without HDMI ports. 7.1 audio extractor is set up on second HDMI port from matrix splitter. It works perfectly but the source is RaspberryPi / Kodi. I have correct EDID’s saved to a file and forced on startup ignoring data from HDMI cable. The audio format is selected as 7.1 LPCM in Kodi and also ignoring HDMI tags.
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    One word. HDFury. ;)
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    The FeinTech device that I have tested can EDID data copied from HDMI out 1 to out 2 or EDID data copied from HDMI out 2 to out 1. It can Atmos and DV at the same time , but it can´t HDR+...
    I will still order Oehlbach Highway HDMI Splitter 1: 2 and if it doesn't work either, then nothing more.
    HDFury Integral 2 is too expensive for me, I can start OppoClone at any time and watch films with HDR + and DV without additional devices.
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    Another question
    In the pause menu when watching a movie, it appears as 4: 4: 4 12 bit output.
    Since my tv is 10-bit and the original film 4: 2: 0 10-bit, what is the possible advantage of having 4: 4: 4 12-bit in output?
    Should i keept 4:4:4 or change to 4:2:0 to match the movie and the tv?
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    Assuming 23/24/25/30Hz you can't use 4:2:0 since it's not a legal HDMI mode, so 4:4:4 is correct and the best mode.

    I'd change to 10-bit in colour settings - not that it'll look any different since there's no interpolation (it just pads to 12-bits) but it just means less bandwidth required on the HDMI chain.
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    So in settings colours to 4k23-30hz the best option is to put Priority YUV44410BITS ?
    My settings for 4k50-60hz are in Auto
    For Non 4K are Priority YUV44410BITS
    Are these settings correct?
  15. Markswift2003

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    Here's all the settings I'd recommend:

    Zidoo Z9X

    Playback/Automatic frame rate/Frame rate mode: Switch frame rate and resolution

    Display/HDR: Auto*
    Display/Color Settings/4K 50~60Hz: Priority YUV420 10BIT
    Display/Color Settings/4K 23~30Hz: Priority YUV444 10BIT
    Display/Color Settings/Non-4K: Priority YUV444 8BIT
    Display/Color Settings/HDMI Color Region: 16-235**
    Display/HDMI Mode: 3840x2160p 23Hz***

    Audio/HDMI Audio: RAW
    Audio/Downmix HD Audio output: OFF

    * Or Mapping HDR for permanent HDR10 or VS10/LLDV for permanent HDR/SDR/LLDV/DV depending on EDID
    ** This sets 64 - 940 for 10-bit content
    *** This is personal preference and assuming auto framerate/resolution is only the gui setting.
    Set this last since changing HDR mode resets HDMI Mode

    And this shows legal HDMI modes:

    HDMI Modes.PNG
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    Tks a lot
    I´l try theses settings.
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    And why Display/HDMI Mode: 3840x2160p 23Hz*** ?what is the problem with auto 60hz?
  18. Markswift2003

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    Display/HDMI Mode: 3840x2160p 23Hz***

    *** This is personal preference and assuming auto framerate/resolution is only the gui setting.
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    Another bug, is when the subtitle in mkv is internal, don't remember the position of the sub of my choice, in external sub work ok.
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