Zidoo Z1000, almost € 400 for a very nice garbage can on the outside.

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by arcazal, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. arcazal

    arcazal New Member

    Almost 400 euros spent on a z1000 and it is the worst purchase I have made in my life. I thought I was going to improve my Egreat A10, but quite the opposite, 90% of the menus in BD, BD 3D and UHD BD (iso or BDMV) don't work, forced subtitles don't work and almost nothing works correctly. And that I'm just talking about the basic playback functions. By not having, the Z1000 does not even have a section in this forum. I think that these Chinese companies only make money at the expense of silly customers, like me. Egreat, is the same in terms of firmwares development. Anyway, almost 400 euros for a crap player. For users who are not English speaking, in my case I am Spanish, this zidoo is a true nightmare. Greetings.
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You are very negative about what I think is the best media player around and above average support (have seen many). There are support people speaking English too.

    Yes I can understand the update for Z1000 (and other models) is taking a long time. They have a nasty Google code problem to solve.
    There are some BD/UHD menus that don't work , but frankly at least over 95% does. Forced Subtitles is Not implemented yet for BD (surprise for me too) just for MKV.

    You may PM me with your other problems even in Spanish. Maybe I can help with some.
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  3. futeko.com

    futeko.com Member

    The only thing Egreat products have over Zidoo is marginally better BD menu support. Otherwise, everything is better with Zidoo, particularly the ongoing technical support and firmware updates.
  4. Zlim

    Zlim New Member


    Z1000 is still a great player. Some bugs yes but most players do have them. Remember that no player is perfect and there are many difference scenarios (file types, codecs, BD Menus, HDMI Versions, Frame rates, Audio formats, Android versions, chipsets etc... Making everything work flawlessly is a challenge.
    Any time you buy a player you need to understand this.. even if it's a 50$ or 1000$ player. Even a 3000$ audio receiver has bugs. lol

    I had a PCH-A400, A10, Z1000 and they all had their share of issues. Just hope that every firmware version solves some of the issues.

  5. Jamie Lai

    Jamie Lai New Member

    50% agree, a lot of BD Menu don't work, such as Toy Story .....planes.. , but movie scrapping is much better than other players..
  6. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Always the same people who defend Zidoo. Mainly a beta tester and sometimes a dealer who wants to sell Zidoo. This is the official Zidoo forum, it is a shame that no emplyess from Zidoo moderate this forum and help their customers. Instead of fixing old known issues they publish new features instead. And what about ZDMC? Kodi 18.5 is out for month. And it looks like ZDMC is maybe one reason for the freezes. The customers will remember this customer unfriendly behaviour.
  7. futeko.com

    futeko.com Member

    There are several people defending Zidoo but it is now mainly you complaining. You've posted 39 times mostly about the same thing, which other users report has been fixed (USB 3.0 disconnects). Your other big complaint appears to be that Zidoo haven't released ZDMC 18.5 (Zidoo hardware Kodi), can you please explain what practical benefit this has over ZDMC 18.4?

    You are contributing nothing positive to this forum when it is clear from Zidoo's continual firmware development that they are putting major effort into both fixing the few remaining bugs and improving the feature set. If you really don't like your Z10 you could sell it and move on? If you bought it from us drop us an email and we'll accept it back for refund. The problem you'll have though is that I guarantee you'll not find something better.
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  8. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Nice try, but it is very obvious what you, the dealer, wants to achive with your answer.

    You seem to have a lot of time, i haven't count my postings in the usb3 matter. But the amount of postings leeds direct to the point. The usb3 problem ist still NOT solved as you stated. There are still enough customers with this ridiculous problem Zidoo is not able to fix since one year now. Look at Z9S and Z10.
    Next point ZDMC. I made the experience that maybe ZDMC 18.4 is part of the freezing problem. So it would be nice to test if so, otherwise look ath the changelog of 18.5, there are several reasonable points to use the newest version. Or will you say that the 18.5. update is worthless. I wish you nice discussions with the Kodi community.
    Next point. It is not my task to contribute positive point if too much issues exists. It is part pf Zidoo to help their customers in this official forum and to fix the obviously existing problems. But look through this forum. I cannot see any Zidoo technicians who help users here. A shame for an official forum.
    I bought my Z10 3 month ago via Amazon and expect that a technology company like Zidoo is able to fix such a lame usb problem instead of releasing one new player after the other. First of all they should work off the long enough issue list for their players. The hardware seems to be very good, but the software is the Achilles heel.
    As a second player i bought a Vero 4k and i am still satisfied. Not really better but without disturbing bugs like 3 freezes during a movie.

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