ZIDOO Series your NEW Top 3 Features you Want Added Not please Fix Thread !

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by DELUCAS, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. I agree for 2nd HDMI out!
    & support for Alexa voice control!
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  2. vipkekko

    vipkekko New Member

    HDMI nativo multicanale dsd
    2 -lettore multimediale , come jriver
    Riconoscimento nativo metadati dolby vision, hdr 10. E hdr 10+
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  3. DIKKE

    DIKKE Member

    A native IPTV player, next to HT and the music player.
  4. boxerfan

    boxerfan Active Member

    1. Full Kodi or Jellyfin support.
    2. Power off scheduler.
  5. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    I don't know the insides of a Z9X, but if it's anything like a PC would it be possible to upgrade the memory?
  6. Paul777

    Paul777 Member

    Change uncomfortable SD card slot on USB 3.0
  7. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Memory upgrade is not possible.
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  8. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

  9. DIKKE

    DIKKE Member

    the 10 has 4 GB, so if the problems are the same on that model, it is a OS issue?
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Only UHD3000 comes with 4GByte (having a different motherboard). I do have more problems on that one as on Z9X to be honest.

    Confusing with having 32 GByte flash?
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  11. Technically, yes. Some components can be soldered, which is not a problem.
    I spent a lot of time developing on "Realtek" platforms (such as BPI RTD12**), so I know that Realtek is suffering for developers. (not in vain he is called Black Socket)

    But even if he exchanged 2Gb to 4Gb, it wouldn't work.
    This would have to ask the developer to release hardware configuration file "RTD1619 ** _ hwsetting_BOOT_1DDR4_4Gb _ ***. config" and u-boot binary file which he would then have to upload to ZIDOO via MP_Tools .
    # Since I know how Realtek doesn't cooperate, I can imagine how the development of ZIDOO on SoC 16 ** will continue.

    "So yes, technically it is possible, but also impossible" :)

    PS : It could be interesting what was ZIDOO with CPU MediaTek or Amlogic S922 | Spec: S905X3 .
    But ZIDOO is already used to Realtek development tools, so they don't want to change their platform and so they have to keep this "burden" with them.
    Potential example [MT9613 for TV] : https://www.mediatek.com/products/digitalTv/mt9613

    (I would just like to add that for the zidoo, "1.5 G Total | 500M free" as a device designed only for media playback quite sufficient. The 4Gb version (3Gb OS) would be interesting especially in terms of Full BD-java menu, without the need to write all via swappiness, which Z9X uses even when the RAM is not full = "write data to EMMC instead of RAM", but this is a normal procedure.).
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    1 4G DDR4 Memory
    2 Removal frontal usb ports
    3 Finished in Alluminium Brushed Black
    4 Slight bigger Oled Display
  13. sagitarius

    sagitarius New Member

    1. HDMI audio out and no HDD tray. This will decrease the price and improve the sound quality.
    2. Audio analogue RCA output.
    3. Better display.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    1 No hdd thats already emmited on the z9X model
    2 how will hdmi audio out improve sound Quality ?
  15. sagitarius

    sagitarius New Member

    1. For Z9X yes, but not on the new UHD3000 and the future models. The HDD bay shoud be removed if we want High End Sound!
    2. HDMI video will go to the TV and HDMI Audio straight to the amplifier. The sound will be better.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    There just brackets and a drive or ssd installed cant see how removing it would improve sound ?
    Still cant see how audio out will improve Movie sounds ?
    The zidoo just passes audio through to your amp / tv
    It be down to your receiver / speakers that improve Movie Sound etc .

    High End sound be down to dacs , power supply etc etc to improve Sound 2 channel etc
    But not for Movies .

    But any decent power supply will help out on any electrical device
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  17. sagitarius

    sagitarius New Member

    When I connect the HDMI directly to the TV sometimes the movie is with 5.1 sound, but to the receiver goes only stereo. If I connect the cable to the receiver, the sound is 5.1, but the picture is not the same. Both units are 4K pass through compatible. That is why I prefer separate HDMI Audio out, like on the High End players.
    If I want to listen some music, I don't need the sound to goes to the TV and after that to the receiver. It is pointless.
    If you use SSD it is fine, but for large files and more data you need HDD. It is mechanical and not compatible with the High End sound. There is no need to be inside the box.
    For High End sound a separate HDMI out is a must!
  18. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    It is a big big problem for a lot of people only having one HDMI out on the Zidoo. The UHD3000 has 2 and so should the Z1000 Pro have had. Films require HD sound and unless both the TV and Amp/Receiver has eARC what are people supposed to do? My Egreat A11 had 2 - only having 1 causes much expense, so I agree with @sagitarius 100%. Just 1 = cheaper to manufacture and bad form.
  19. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member Beta test group


    of course this is only my personal opinion.

    I also have the Egreat A11 and an X20 PRO with dual HDMI and personally I have never seen any difference with the equipment I use, even if theoretically the quality is supposed to be better.

    I use either the eARC or the receiver and I don't have any particular worries with only one HDMI output.

    For information and I talk about it in my thread dedicated to the Z9X that since FW6.1.03 I have sound problems with my receiver especially when I use the eARC and that was non-existent with the FW 0.90.


    A bientot
  20. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    @OlivierQC so may I ask what someone does with only 1 HDMI output and No eARC?

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