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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by HoZ, Apr 15, 2021.

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    My specification:
    • Zidoo Z10Pro V6.2.0_G
    • HomeTheater v4.0.52
    • tinyMediaManager 3.1.13 (TMM)
    I am owner of a Ziddo Z10 Pro since 3 weeks and I had some challenges for setting up the device. In between it's working fine.

    I have only one issue left

    During my test phase I could see and move movies in "Movie Sets". I see them in TMM too (picture), but I can't see the category "Movie sets" on my Zidoo (I did in the past)


    On my Ziddo with HomeTheater I have only the option to add a movie to "add to collection", but I lost "add to movie sets". In the past I could see all the "Movie Sets". Poster were already all put together in movie sets on the main screen


    Could you please direct me on the right setting in TMM or on my Zidoo/MT. This was great function I am missing and I am searching / testing alread since a while :-(

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  2. HoZ

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    Found the solution :) For the Z10 Pro under setting for NFP Parse you need to choose "alternative":)

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