Z9X: No Atmos, just TrueHD

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by waltermalter, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. waltermalter

    waltermalter New Member

    Hello forum,

    can someone confirm, that the Z9X with FW 6.2.5 does not recognise ATMOS but only TrueHD?

    My AVR is a Denon A-110 and the projector is JVC X7900.

    I testes with various files but will concentrate on the Dolby Atmos Test CD here:

    HT correctly shows two audio streams:
    One is declared DD+ (so far so good...) - if I choose that one, the AVR corretly shows, that it is receiving a DD+ audio stream.

    But the second stream should be shown as Atmos - unfortunately it is not. Instead it is shown as "TrueHD (8 channels)".

    No suprise, if I choose it, this audio track is recognised be the AVR as "TrueHD" and the AVR is indicating only the 8 channeld (No ceiling channels at all) :-(

    The same file (Atmos Test CD) with the same AVR, JVC projector and even the same HDMI cable playes as Atmos an Vero 4k+ with no problem. So it can't be an issue of the file, the AVR, the cable, the JVC.

    Audio of course is set to RAW, HDMI is set to HDCP 2.2, YUV 444, 10 Bit, HDR auto.

    Any ideas?

    THX in advance,
  2. I just tried this new version and using my Anthem AVM70, I get Atmos ... Shows input and output is atmos..

    I have Zidoo set to AUTO for hdmi out..

    Hope this helps..
  3. Superdog

    Superdog Member

    I tried and it can output Atmos.

    I set HDMI output to RAW
  4. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    Probably accidentally changed the mode on the receiver. Try changing it back to Auto.
  5. waltermalter

    waltermalter New Member

    @ammar11 : That was it! Thank you !!!!!!

    No clue how, but the Denon was set to "Dolby surround, TrueHD, Neutral:X" .
    Regarding to the manual the default should be "Dolby Atmos/Surround" which was not even in the list of choises.
    Only after starting the Atmos Test CD "Dolby Atmos/Surround" appears in the list and now it works on all files and even automatically switches to Neutral:X if simpler audio streams are played :)

    Again, thanks for the decisive tip :)

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  6. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    Glad that helped, cheers.
  7. Superdog

    Superdog Member

    Try set HDCP to off

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