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  1. CGI

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    Thnk you All,
    I did the copying amd re-formating. (closed)
    but we deviate from the topic - this is Zidoo forum

    The main question here was - Does z1000 pro suport ext3 file system (read and write), as stated in some published specs
  2. Mabon

    Mabon Active Member

    Just looked in the Z1000 Pro Manual (Page 15)

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  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You tried a freshly formatted EXT4 (EXT3 will work but is old and less robust) in the player?
    Tried EXT4 a long time ago and that worked just fine for me.

    Moving a used running NTFS HDD from a PC to an Android player also hardly ever works. You need to start clean and using a single partition. ;)
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  4. Mabon

    Mabon Active Member

    Not me! I was just posting the booklet image for @CGI.

    I just took my NTFS disk out of my old box and stuck it in the new Zidoo box. No problems, worked perfectly :).
  5. skelton

    skelton Member

    I am planning on using a WD RED 12 or 14tb hdd disk in this player but not sure if i should get the 7200rpm vs the 5400rpm? What will i benefit from selecting the faster 7200 variant?
  6. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Member

    It's speed and acces versus durability. The slower will probably last longer.
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  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    No advantage with a media player at all. It is just producing more heat and noise.
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  8. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Member

    On a media player yes pc use it can have it's advantages:)
  9. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Hi guys - ready to get going again with my new Z1000 Pro - which has had to take 2nd place to my recovery from heart surgery.

    Please can someone point me to the latest firmwares for this specific model and tell me, if they are Beta, if they are worth installing? Currently I have the non-G 22 firmware which was installed OTA. Are we expecting an Official Release for this model?

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  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    All the best wishes for your recovery. Health is a lot more important than anything else

    All Beta's but the most recent FW 6.0.35 is the best for sure. Go for that one!
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  11. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Thanks I'll do that - do we know if there's others on the way?
  12. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Right then - I've managed to have a play around with my Z1000 Pro and have to say I'm delighted with it so far. PQ is superb, particularly as I'm playing via my other media player, an Egreat A11's internal HDD - not had a single crash and the response from the Bluetooth Remote is instant! I've updated to the Beta G 35 firmware but I do have a few questions though and hope some Z1000 Pro owner or tester can help me out please: -
    1. Harmony (Elite) Remote/Hub: - Noticed that the supplied Bluetooth Remote interferes with my other media player - an Egreat A11. Contrary to what I've read on here and other forums and having update my Harmony, there doesn't appear to have anything in it's database relating to Zidoo harware. So have those folks who have had success here, added their Zidoo products "manually". I'm keen to set up an "Activity" for my Zidoo and would like pointing in the right direction so that anything I do, doesn't mess with my A11
    2. At the moment I rather like the player's "File Manager" to find my titles, rather than the Poster Wall. I'd like to set up shortcuts for the location folder(s) - is there a way to do this please?
    3. Is there a specific folder into which to drop my titles? At the moment I have all my titles on my A11 and want to "cut and paste" them into the Zidoo within a new "internal" 10tb HDD. I've done one title already and dropped it into the "Movies" folder - a default one, but not tried playing it yet. So if this is correct, then this will be my location folder for all my titles. So am I right persuing this course of action?
    4. The slight stutter has disappeared now since amending a setting from "off" to "Frame Rate + Resolution" - I think this is the FrameRate Switch. What exactly is this switch and how does (if it does) relate to the "Resolution Button" on the Remote?
    That's about it for now - thanks in advance
  13. snapo6

    snapo6 Member

    I've an Elite with Zidoo Z1000 (without pro) as device
  14. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Nice one thanks but I'm only half way there with question 1. Missing out the "Pro" from the name, I have now successfully added a "Zidoo Z1000", just what the issues this will cause will only be apparent with use. However switching on or off my Z1000 Pro, using the installed Device in my Harmony, also switches on or off my Egreat A11. So until I can sort this "power" issue out, it is no use to me. Does anyone know if you can adjust the power settings in Harmony to avoid this conflict?
  15. I suppose that this is not Logithech issue, because most manufacturers use the same IR codes for similar devices.
  16. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Probably not but I'm trying to reach out to other Zidoo owners in the hope they've found a solution.

    Also guys, any chance on my other questions please?
  17. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Zidoo and Egreat use some IR code(VENUS) comes more then 10 years ago on Realtek RTD 1073 players.
    On Egreat A11 try edit(remove) /system/etc/key.xml <key value="0xb24d4040" name="KEY_POWER" /> and then see if helps.
  18. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Thanks - what does that do exactly?
  19. kenneth2281

    kenneth2281 New Member

    ZDMC has better trailer support than H.T 4.0 has. It downloads from youtube can that not be made in H.T 4.0 many off my movies says no trailer found
  20. snapo6

    snapo6 Member

    What if you use the remote through BT?

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