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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by Kevinsze, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear all

    I have just got a Z10 Pro and would like to connect the RCA out to my tube amp (no optical and HDMI for my old amp) . I have connected the cables but no sound is coming out of my amp. I have tried different inputs and it is the same. I have also tested my amp but all the inputs works well. Is there a setting in Zidoo where I can set the music output to RCA out? Thanks in advance

    Best Regards
  2. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    May be stupid question, but did you check that the volume of your Zidoo is not set to zero?

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  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You need to switch to Analog from HDMI in DAC setup.
    There is volume setup for Analog output there too.
  4. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear Nice Monkey

    Thanks for the advice. I am wondering if this can be setup on HDMI setting? LPCM 2 channel?
  5. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear McBluna

    Yes column is up high.
  6. Atención Kevinsze: / Kevinsze attention:

    Hay una configuración. Hay una configuración particular para obtener sonido musical de Alta Fidelidad a través de las salidas de audio RCA. Tu amplificador analógico a válvulas la agradecerá mucho. Y por supuesto, tú la disfrutarás.

    There is a configuration. There is a particular configuration for obtaining Hi-Fi musical sound through the RCA audio outputs. Your analog tube amp will appreciate it very much. And of course, you will enjoy it.

    Voy a pormenorizar la configuración en un nuevo hilo conversacional aparte para que pueda ser de "Uso Universal", ¿de acuerdo? Permanece atento. Detallaré la configuración en inglés.

    I'm going to detail the configuration in a separate new conversational thread so that it can be "Universal Use", ¿okay? Stay tuned. I will detail the configuration in English.
  7. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear "man in the moon"

    That would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

  8. Ya la tienes. Acabo de terminarla. Espero que te sirva a ti y a todos los demás.

    You already have it. I just finished it. I hope it serves you and everyone else.
  9. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear "man in the moon"

    Thanks. I have all the settings correct and it seems no audio is coming out of RCA jacks.. seems a faulty unit,I I'll have to return it. Thanks.

  10. Kevinsze, debo entender que has probado "la fórmula"...

    Kevinsze, I must understand that you have tried "the formula"...

    Lamento, Kevinsze, tener que leer que sigues sin obtener salida de audio por los conectores RCA. Sí, puede tratarse de algún fallo del aparato... Pero creo que antes de encontrarte desesperado, debes hacer uso de "la gran opción": consultar a los ingenieros de Zidoo... Si ellos no logran solucionar tu problema, entonces podrás considerar definitivamente "roto" (defectuoso) tu aparato.

    Sorry, Kevinsze, to have to read that you still don't get audio output from the RCA connectors. Yes, it could be a device failure... But I think that before you find yourself desperate, you should make use of "the great option": consult the engineers of Zidoo... If they can't solve your problem, then you can definitely consider your device "broken" (faulty).

    En cualquier caso, ya que no puedo ayudarte en persona y que he puesto todo mi empeño por ofrecerte una posible solución lógica avanzada, te ruego que nos hagas saber a todos la solución final que tenga tu caso. De esa manera, los usuarios del Zidoo Z10, tendremos acceso a un mayor conocimiento del aparato del que nos hace entrega "de fábrica" Zidoo (que, tan irresponsablemente, suele ser: NINGUNO).

    In any case, since I cannot help you in person and that I have made every effort to offer you a possible advanced logical solution, I beg you to let us all know the final solution that have your case. In this way, the users of the Zidoo Z10, we will have access to a greater knowledge of the device from which Zidoo delivers us "from the factory" (which, so irresponsibly, is usually: NONE).

  11. McBluna, ¿would you please be so kind as to explain how screenshots are inserted into the text? I want to accompany the text with a descriptive image and I can't find the "attachments button"...
  12. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Hey @Man in the Moon, you can add a screenshot by copy and paste or by using the Upload a File button.
    If you want to add screenshots while editing you've to use the More Options button.
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  13. Kevinsze

    Kevinsze New Member

    Dear all

    All right, I have got audio from RCA. What happened was the firmware version, it is the latest version (I have updated via the machine) but Zidoo send me another one via email. My version on my machine is V6.0.66_Gxxxxxxxxxxxxx where 'x' are numbers which I could not remember, but they sent me V.0.66_G. After update, audio came out of the RCA.

  14. ¡Muchas gracias!, has sido muy amable.

    ¡Thank you very much!, You have been very kind.

    Buscaba un "botón" parecido al de E-mail y de ahí que no lo encontrara...

    I was looking for a "button" similar to that of E-mail and hence I couldn't find it...

  15. ¡Muchas gracias por informar!, has sido muy amable.

    ¡Thank you very much for reporting!, You have been very kind.

    Me alegra mucho que tu caso se haya resuelto. ¡Disfruta del "sonido a válvulas" que te ofrece tu amplificador de audio!

    I am very happy that your case has been resolved. ¡Enjoy the "tube sound" that your audio amplifier offers you!


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