Proposal Reorder or set default BDMV for movies with multiple versions

Discussion in 'Development' started by Guy Brown, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Hey all,

    I am new to the world of Zidoo having just taken delivery of a Z1000 Pro!

    Setup and upgrade was a breeze and I am now running the latest update with all the Dolby Vision goodness :D

    I have all my movies store in BDMV and have quite a few where I have both a Blu Ray rip and a 4k UHD Blu Ray rip. Mostly due to the different versions of movies/etc.

    I really like the poster wall and the fact that it creates one title for movies that you have multiple rips.

    However, in all cased the Blu Ray version is the default/first one and you have to navigate around the screen to select the 4K version (see attached image).

    Would it be possible to allow you to re-order or set default/first movie/BDMV? Or maybe pick the highest quality as the first one?

    I'd really like to be able to set the 4K BDMV version as the default as that's the one I be watching in 99% of the cases.



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  2. Guy Brown

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    So you can actually do this already.

    Just change the parent folder name to add the extra info in the same way as you would a file...I’d assumed it wouldn’t work with folder names but it does.

    So.... add (number#name) at the end of the folder name e.g.

    Movie (2021) (1#4K UHD)
    - BDMV
    - etc, etc
    Movie (2021) (2#Blu-ray)
    - BDMV
    - etc, etc

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