RELEASE New firmware v1.0.20 for ZIDOO X1 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X1' started by spring, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

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  2. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    Link not working,stopped after couple seconds,try three times,but keep try.
    Maybe you modify the name inside,is 1.0.20 not 1.0.19.

  3. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    Download done.
    I'll be back after some tests.

  4. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    Test performed from a NAS,with a receiver 5.2 capable to passtrough 4K.Files:avi,mp4,mkv including some 4k HEVC.
    HEVC @ 8 bit,ok on both players,including 4K Chimei [2160@ 60 mbps]. [ @ 10 bit,no,some have sound]
    Zidoo media center:
    -subtitle encoding settings not saved,must choose again at every movie.
    -choose to play once not working,file play for ever.
    -central european encoding,not show T and t at the beginning of the line and sometimes inside subtitle.
    -video quality ok,sound pastrough ok.

    Kodi Jarvis,bad performance,so i install Kodi from this firmware.
    Well,Zidoo did a good job with this version.
    -passtrough ok.
    -lipsync ok.
    -some movie,don't have a good AR,look zoomed,but can be watched.
    I will test for couple days,if i found something really bad i write here.

  5. runnerway

    runnerway New Member

    So have they fixed the problems with video stuttering with passtrough enabled? :)
  6. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    Yes,on both media players.Why don't you test this firmware?

  7. runnerway

    runnerway New Member

    I've edited my device a bit so i don't want to lose all my modifications to install the update.
    I've only updated Kodi to the new version from the OTA. But i still have problems with passthrough.

    If i enable it, my audio stutters every now and then with videos with dolby 5.1 audio.
    Did you have this problem before the update? (With version 1.0.19)

    @zidoo Maybe it is useful if you release the complete img for this update too.
    It will be of help in the future for people who would like to "reset" their devices.
  8. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    I test again,variouse files @ 720,@1080,including HEVC with DD 5.1.Jump up and down.
    All are ok.No stutter.Lipsync ok.Refresh rate choice working ok.
    I don't use Zidoo X1 frequent before,because he have some issues with aspect ratio in Kodi and sometimes,jerky.
    I have also other players with Android/Linux,including a Zidoo X9,i tested in the first time for HEVC.
    Usual,when i don't need trouble,i use a HTPC.
    You can do test from a HDD,if you don't allready do to see how is working.

  9. spring

    spring Guest

    Hi all:
    the X1 could not support 7.1, will downmix 5.1.
  10. xentor33

    xentor33 New Member

    Finnaly some words from Zidoo tech.
    We talk about DD 5.1 and i know from spec what you write.
    Are you kind enough,to respond to my previouse questions?
    About subtitle problems in Zidoo X1 [and X9 maybe ]media player?
    Thank you,

  11. TvBox

    TvBox New Member

    There is a problem with remote shortcut app
    It opens by blue button the app of the red button again
    and the red opens its app
    any way to fix this
  12. TvBox

    TvBox New Member

    In KODI I can't get iptv from TV menu and cannot watch iptv so I deleted the KODI Zidoo version and reinstall a clean KODI
    I'll see what will be happened

    Note : In previous firmware it was working
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  13. Jerm

    Jerm New Member

    I'm new to the X1 so I can't speak to improvements, but I can confirm what Xentor says about some movies getting stretched. I haven't quite figured out why, but some movies have black bars removed and video stretched to cover the 16:9 ratio. I've played the same videos on vanilla Kodi on PC and other android boxes and they don't stretch. Other than that, it seems like a solid little box.
  14. Ant werpen

    Ant werpen New Member

    There is a problem with remote shortcut app
    It opens by blue button the app of the red button again
    and the red opens its app
    any way to fix this?????
    and there is a problem with youtube for android tv and with app , doesn't work button back and home , instructions how to fix please:cool:

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