RELEASE New firmware v1.0.19 for ZIDOO X1 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X1' started by spring, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

    Hi all:

    Change list:
    1: fix the video shutter when audio passthrough in kodi;
    2: fix the ISO memory leek for kodi;
    3: optimization system.

    OTA ZIP file :

    How to upgrade:

    IMG(Please download this file then unzip it):
    There is some risk for flashing your BOX, Please be quite careful to make it.(It will clean out user data entirely, please be cautious to do it.)
    How to Flash :
  2. user59

    user59 Member

    As Always
    Thank you
  3. Adl

    Adl Member

    does this firmware version fix, also aspect ratio for video files?
  4. Member Beta test group

    testing now, thank you!
  5. Sylnowhere

    Sylnowhere New Member

    When wil those updates (0.18 also) be available over the air?
  6. Adl

    Adl Member

    Pls add ota update for zidoo x1.
    If img file can be copied from usb to internal memory then also from internet can be copied to internal memory and flash x1.
  7. weizen

    weizen New Member

    No its not fixed.
    You can test firmware simply on SD-card with phoenixcard in startup mode.
  8. Adl

    Adl Member

    yeah, true, aspect ratio not fixed.
  9. bryanfuria

    bryanfuria New Member

    you can install the graphical interface of zido x6 pro on my zidoo x1?
  10. vukina

    vukina New Member

    can anyone confirm problem with x1 playing 3d bluray iso from player because it can not switch auto.x9 can and have bluray icon botom left
  11. Gianluca Rigon

    Gianluca Rigon New Member

    Do this release have KODI in italian language ?
    Thanks a lot !
  12. spring

    spring Guest


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