New firmvare v2.1.40 Beta version for ZIDOO X8 release

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    Model: ZIDOO_X8
    Version number: v2.1.40
    MD5: 6359948A6026E2CF42CA197838C80ACE
    Upgrade method: OTA

    Changelog (Google translate):

    1. Fix the problem of no channel number display
    2. Fix the problem of getting sampling rate error
    3. Optimize folder scanning function
    4. Optimize album logic
    5. Optimize the front panel information display

    Poster wall
    1. Update to the new interface of Poster Wall 3.0
    2. Optimize the title recognition, compatible with the "season x. episode xx" video
    3. When adding to the collection, the focus control of the collection list
    4. Solve the problem of possible crash when scanning occasionally
    5. Automatically categorized collection movies, adding "Remove Collection" function
    6. Optimized movie added to the collection function
    7. TV series category added to the left column of the home page
    8. The movie details interface adds a trailer function (can be turned off in the settings)
    9. Optimize the display of the new collection of personalized pictures
    10. Solve the problem that the pictures of Douban matching movies are not clear
    11.Optimize the function of getting local pictures automatically if the movie has no poster when the priority local picture switch is turned off
    12. Rematch and add poster preview function
    13. Solve the problem that the details of the video resolved through NFO will occasionally crash.
    14. When the child lock password protection is closed, the main interface will no longer display the lock icon
    15. Solve the problem that movies with the same title in different years will be matched into the same movie
    16. Added CLEARLOGO function in the detail interface
    17. Increase the function of Pop-up button of remote control
    18. Solve the problem of "scanning" when adding devices
    19. Solve the problem that the change of poster language does not take effect
    20. Optimized sorting function
    21. Priority search for TMDb during smart search
    22. Optimize the child lock function
    23. Search interface adds full keyboard input function
    24. Add category browsing mode
    25. Add custom widget function
    26. Add custom classification function
    27. Increase the viewing history of recently added forced time reverse display
    28. Fix the problem that the widget external device does not display occasionally
    29. The main interface widget adds region selection
    30. Add custom function to the main interface type
    31. Fix the problem that the main interface type is displayed in English individually
    32. The main interface device adds a browsing mode (file and poster browsing)
    33. It is recommended to add a display switch on the main interface
    34. Recently added to increase the default sorting settings (add time and file time)
    35. Add local trailer feature (movie name. trailer.mp4)
    36. Add alphabet navigation function on the poster list interface (effective when the poster names are sorted)
    37. Optimize the trailer playback logic
    38. Modify the default layout size of the poster list interface
    39. Add the function of clearing application data
    40. Optimize application stability

    Control center
    1. Add whether authorization confirmation switch is needed
    2. Add mobile phone sleep interface

    Application installer
    1. Optimize web installation function
    2. Support mobile phone installation

    Mobile phone control
    1. Optimize connected device management
    2. Add the function of installing local applications

    1. Add screenshot save phone function
    2. Add the function of sharing APP files to the machine

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