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    Hello, I have converted for the first time a 3D Bluray to an mk3d file (keeping 100% of the original Frame Pack quality) using the latest version of MAKEMKV. Benefits are a much smaller file, which works better to keep backups.

    My Zidoo Z10 pro plays the file OK, but the right and left eye are inverted on screen. I can watch it normally if I use the 3d glasses upside down. I have used a parameter on the MKV file (via MKVTOLNILX) to change from right eye first to left eye first, but the Z10 Pro seems to ignore it.

    Please, has anybody else found this issue before and has some thoughts ? If not, I will report it to Zidoo.

    Thank you all !
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    Mount your television upside down.

    Joke aside, with my Z9X during 3D playback, I can go to Menu --> 3D --> More settings --> Exchange eyesview.
    This will swap L <--> R. Many times such function can also be found in the 3D menu playback of a 3D capable TV.

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    LOL, thanks for the reply - It worked ! this is good enough.

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