Zidoo z10 pro internet problems

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  1. Dzeta

    Dzeta New Member

    Hi, I have a recently acquired zidoo z10 pro, I connect the internet through ethernet and I have contracted 600 megabytes of fiber optics, the problem is that I do not receive more than 40 megabytes of download, I have tried to change the cable and the router port and I cannot get it to go above that speed, the rest of the electronic devices in the house reach speeds of 500 to 600 megabytes without problems. Anyone know what might be happening?

    A greeting and thanks in advance.
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  2. SerGioTenerife

    SerGioTenerife New Member

    I have the same problem with the z9s, the ethernet connection is very very bad. With fiber is 100 megabytes at home, I only have in the Zidoo 15 download.
  3. Ant14

    Ant14 New Member

    Did you solve it ? If so, how ? :)

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