Zidoo x9s recording from hdmi input and very slow audio

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by crina64, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. crina64

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    Hello everyone, I enter this discussion with the hope that someone can help me find a solution to my problem.
    For several days I have tried to pour from a old Sony Hi8 video camera videos on the Zidoo x9s.
    Since the TV box has only an Hdmi input I bought a converter from Rca (analog) to Hdmi and I must say that it seemed to work, as I preview the video regularly and listen to the audio.
    The problem arises when I go to review the video captured .... The video is great while the sound is slowed .... but loooong slowed down!
    I tried to change some settings but nothing ... there is no way to solve.
    What do you think depends on you?
    Many Thank's
  2. bobbo

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    I'm no expert AT ALL, but one of my great pleasures with my 3 Zidoos is the so far perfect sound synch, so, I hope by responding I don't jinx myself. I would hope your Zidoo therefore records what it gets? …. So, Id investigate hoping its your rca to hdmi converter that is the issue? I have the cheapest one that Amazon sells and it works just fine. Try plugging and unplugging all your connections. Just turning some components on and off will often fix a problem. Do go thru the Zidoo's own menues and try every setting. For sound, I'm using the PCM setting in the Audio drop down menu....but try them all. Try different outputs from your source if available?

    Of course....try the adapter on some other set up.....like to your computer monitor?

    Last resort: try the cheapest adapter you can buy on amazon. Hmmm...also, seems to me I made a note to self to make sure the rca to hdmi adapter was "SET" correctly. Some of them have a very tiny switch that changes its function. Depending on all your equipment.....it could even be bad cables although in my experience bad cables are more about static or no sound at all rather than slow sound?

    Good luck.

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