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  1. bobwasmyname

    bobwasmyname New Member

    apologies if this is a dum-dum question, but I'm not able to figure out few things around the poster wall.

    1) is there a way to default to the poster wall when Z20pro is powered up?
    2) is there a way to have the poster wall default when the Zidoo app is opened up on a tablet device?
    3) the poster wall today groups my movies - like T1 and T2 is under Terminator collection - is there a way to default the movies to be separate and not have them grouped into a collection?
    4) I have a Cat6 cable directly connected into my Zidoo, but the Ethernet max speed is showing up as 100MBPS, is this the limit of the box?

    thanks for your responses kindly.
  2. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    1) Go to apps and press and hold on the app 'Home Theater 4.0'. From pop up menu select 'Launch On Startup'
    2) Don't know!
    3) In HT4 long press on the collection and from menu select 'x Disband collection'
    4) Check your cable. I had this same issue. I replaced the ethernet cable between Zidoo and my gigabit switch and the issue went away.
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  3. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    4. Try not to conflate Mbps and MBps... they are different. If indeed you are reading 100 MBPS, that would equal around 800 Mbps... which of course would be just fine. For example: When I transfer files from my Windows PC to my NAS units, it shows it in MBps (mega-bytes per second) instead of Mega-bits per second Many people report issues with bad ports on ethernet switches and or bad/poor quality cables as the reason for a detected lower speed level.
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  4. bobwasmyname

    bobwasmyname New Member

    thank you both for your kind responses - I've got the poster wall sorted.

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