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  1. Hello everyone
    I just bought my second zidoo, I have gone from x10 to z1000 pro and it comes with an old firmware version 6.0 24 where can I find updates? I have seen a beta 6.0.90 but I would like to have some more in case it does not work well.
    I'll be commenting on my impressions and doubts
    thanks and greetings
  2. Gilles

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    You can find update by lonking for into this forum:
    Beta version v6.0.90 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000
    (Only beta firmware, no official firmware until now)
    I am in 6.0.66 and I will use soon the 6.0.90, some issues still remain but it depends of your need. Check on this forum more informations.
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  4. Many thanks for the information. I have two doubts, 1 can't somehow install play store ?? I tried a z10 Pro and it came installed as standard and it also had Netflix and not on this one and I don't know how I could do it. 2 in home teather when I load the films that I have in the nas, many if not almost all, it does not load the image in my x10 that did not happen, does anyone know why it can happen? And how to fix it Thank you very much and greetings

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