Youtube and Netflix addons are better than the APKs

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by damagedspline, Jun 16, 2022.

  1. damagedspline

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    Update 1 - 17/Jun/22: I was able to get Netflix addon working with 1080p & 5.1 channels - see 2nd post. I updated the thread title to match.

    I tried having a RC friendly system with Emby, Youtube, Netflix and Disney with latest ZDMC 19.4 on ZX9 6.4.05_G.

    While Emby, netflix and Disney+ addons failed to work, the youtube addon was actually a non expected surprise.
    The Kodi youtube addon is working flawlessly, far better than the Android TV apk. The addon is able to output 4K & HDR10 and 5.1 audio channels.

    The youtube clip I used for testing the setup:

    Youtube addon must be configured with MPEG-DASH to make it work.

    This is not a complaint post - just FYI post...
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  2. damagedspline

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    I was able to make Netflix addon working as well with FullHD (1080p) and 5.1 audio - yay!

    How to:

    1) Install the netflix addon and follow all of the instructions from the addon wiki.
    2) open the addon settings -> expert and enable dd plus, vp9, hevc & hdcp 2.2.
    3) open addon settings -> expert -> esn/widevine
    3.1) mark force l3 and remember the number which is at the end of the esn at the top
    3.2) mark disabled and choose change esn -> change the prefix to nfandroid1, remove zidooz9x and change the postfix number to the one from section 3.1.

    Restart kodi and enjoy
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    Can you please give us a sample of before and after the edit of your ESN? I followed your instructions and I'm still in 540p.

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