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    Download the software here: HaneWIN NFS Server for Windows

    1. Click Next and go through the typical install procedures.


    2. Locate the "firewall.bat" and right click on the file and "Run as administrator"

    This file will set up the basic rules for your firewall. It will open the ports for HaneWIN NFS to work properly across your network.


    3. This CMD screen will pop up ... Press any key to continue.


    4. Make sure "HaneWIN NFS Server" and "haneWIN SunRPC Portmap Daemon" are checked.


    5. Right Click on NFS Server on your desktop and choose "Run as administrator"


    6. Change "Number of UDP NFS Server Threads" to 32 (for maximum speed)


    7. Change "Maximum NFS transfer size (bytes) to 32768 (for maximum speed)


    8. Click on the "Exports" tab and click "Edit exports file"


    9. Add "#" signs to the top three examples or remove them entirely.

    10. Add the location of the folder you would like to share with the bottom of the text box.

    z: \ Media -readonly -name: Media -range

    There are the following options:

    -name: <share name> assign a name to the exported path via which a mount can be made.

    -alldirs allows the client to mount any directory within the file system.

    -umask: <mask> sets the access mask for group and world on the file system, default 022

    -readonly just read

    -public access via WebNFS protocol.

    -lowercase all file names are converted to lowercase letters.

    -exec For all files, the x bit is set in the access rights.

    -mapall: <uid> [: <gid>] all Unix users and group IDs are mapped to the specified user ID <id> and group id <gid>.

    -maproot: <uid> [: <gid>] Accessed from the privileged Unix user ID root are mapped to the specified user ID <id> and group id <gid>. Without a registered figure, the user is always mapped to the user nobody.

    -range includes the following IP addresses as from-to-address pairs and allows all clients in this area to access (more flexible than the Unix -net option).

    Using "-readonly" and or "-public" eliminates the need for usernames and passwords


    11. Click "Save"


    12. Click "Restart Server"

    Your newly created share should now be accessible based on the parameters you created in Step 10.
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    Now you need to mount and access the NFS share(s) from your devices including Zidoo X9s etc.

    after a successful NFS Mount... You should now be able to see all the devices accessing your NFS Share in the "Mount" tab.


    Thats pretty much it for the HaneWIN NFS setup...

    This has been a much more reliable (and faster) way of sharing my files to all devices on my network with out the hiccups of SMB.

    As a reminder... you must Right Click on "NFS Server" on your desktop and choose "Run as administrator" to make any changes to the NFS Server.

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    I made a video tutorial (in English) to help set up XBMC/Kodi Wrapper in Kodi.

    *In order for the wrapper to work correctly... THE ZIDOO MUST BE ROOTED!

    These settings will work perfectly with Kodi 17.6 but only when using XBMC/Kodi Wrapper 4.0.11 or newer.

    * For some file types such as 3D.ISO, BDMV.ISO, and BDMV Folder Structure... you will get a pop up window when you click on the play button in Kodi... For the best quality and to use Zidoo's built in video player... Choose the "Video player" and "ALWAYS" options.


    PS... When adding the "Server Address", the IP Address must be entered manually... DO NOT USE THE BROWSE FEATURE!

    Thanks again to Lony and xmister for all your help!
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    Thanks for this nice Tutorial and your work ;-)

    Regards Lony
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    Will this allow full menu playback of Blu ray folder or ISO from Kodi using Zidoo native player? Currently, the Zidoo native player only playes main movie with ZDMC or Corbic's hacked Kodi.
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    The XBMCWrapper allow BDMV Folder and Iso, this is not a probnlem, maybe in future also BD Menu. ZDMC Custom and the Leia Custom don*t play BD Menu, the constellation is the same as you used XBMCWrapper, but you are free for KODI Version and must not wait for an custom KODI.


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