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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by jmp1963, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    This is driving me crazy! Just about every time I play a film (I'm using ZDMC 17.3 and the external player) I get the message that ZDMC has stopped. I'm on firmware 1.4.12.

    I have all of my media stored on various servers and for cross platform purposes they are all accessed via SMB shares.

    The films will normally play through okay but then, obviously, when the film ends I'm left at the home screen and have to launch ZDMC again. However, if I do that then the next film I play will have playback problems (audio playing loud scratchy noises) and I end up having to reboot the X8.

    There are other issues too one of which I'll mention:

    I have ZDMC set to auto launch when the X8 boots. This works fine unless the X8 has been shut down via a CEC command i.e. when I turn my PJ off it also turns off the AVR and the Zidoo. If that happens then ZDMC doesn't auto launch.

    It's pretty much at the state now that I have to reboot the box every time I want to watch something new! Not good.

    Is anybody else having these problems? Any suggestions anybody?


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  2. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I'm having the exact same issues :(
  3. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    We can not duplicate the first issue. Can you provider more information:
    1. How did you upgrade to 1.4.12? upgrade by ota or flash by USB image? from which version?
    2. How did you install ZDMC. on the previous version or just installed on 1.4.12?

    For the second issue. We are trying to fix it now.
  4. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Hi Dylan

    1. I upgraded ota from 1.2.12
    2. I had to uninstall ZDMC 16.1 before I could install 17.3 so it was in effect a clean install.

    If I access the exact same files via a upnp shared library on another (Libreelec) Kodi machine then ZDMC doesn't stop. It only seems to happen if it is using it's own local database.
  5. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Same problems here. My answers:

    1. I upgraded from 1.4.6 via USB image flash

    2. I uninstalled ZDMC 17.1 before installing 17.3

    Every time I play a video I get “ZDMC has stopped working” no matter what I do.

    Kodi internal play doesn’t crash but it has no sound (using pass through).
  6. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

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  7. fiandy

    fiandy New Member

    Good day!
    I have Zidoo x8
    Updated from version 1.4.6 to version 1.4.12 using a usb flash.

    After the updates began to appear:
    Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped

    When this message occurs for different processes.
    Helped a little to clear the memory, delete multiple application frequency of such reports has decreased significantly.

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  8. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Hi Dylan.

    I sent you a log a few days ago and wondered if you had made any progress.

    I have since uninstalled ZDMC 17.3 and re-installed several times but still encounter the same problem. I also installed the build from forum member cobric in the x9 forum but exactly the same thing happens (except the error message is that Kodi has stopped). I cleaned all data and did a fresh install each time.


  9. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I've never had this problem before in all previous versions of ZDMC and firmwares, but this is definitely the worst problem so far.

    I also can't use internal player because it doesn't have sound. So please Zidoo team, fix this ASAP! I'm willing to be on alpha firmware if it means I can finally play something again!
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  10. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Does anybody have a link to download ZDMC 17.1 so I can give it a try? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I might then be able to determine whether it is ZDMC/Kodi that is causing the problem or the new firmware.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. happyt610

    happyt610 New Member

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  12. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

  13. Phantomgnom

    Phantomgnom New Member

    Same issue on my side.

    Fw 1.4.12
    Zdmc 17.1/17.3
    Device rooted, due to the need mapping to a nfs share, having the path available for kodi and external zidoo player

    Issue occurs not every time I start a movie, but poorly very often.

    Can I provide/perform supportive tasks or info?
  14. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Just to confirm that the issue still occurs with ZDMC 17.1 (as noted by Phantomgnom above).

    Is anybody having the same problem with ZDMC 16.1? If so it would point to the new firmware causing the issue.

    Can anybody get hold of ZDMC 16.1 to test this or do I need to do a complete hard reset on my box to get it back?
  15. Reuven

    Reuven New Member

    Same here,USB installed.
    Please check KODI version of ZDMC.
    Also, Kodi 17.4 known for quitting with no error, espcially with IPTV.
  16. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    When I was on 16.1, this never happened.
  17. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Was that with 1.4.12 firmware?
  18. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

  19. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    No, it was 1.4.6, the 17.1 never crashed or had audio problems when using internal player.
  20. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    So I've gone back to ZDMC 16.1 but still on 1.4.12 firmware. It behaves pretty well and seems to launch the Zidoo external player every time without crashing although when the Zidoo player is launched it takes no notice of the default audio track flag and just plays the first one. On 16.1 I can even use the ZDMC internal player for most things except 3D. Unfortunately I'm now back with all the problems that 16.1 had namely: The Movie Database scraper doesn't work (so having to use a modified UMS), scraping is really slow, no passthrough of HD or Multi-Channel Flac, etc, etc.

    I tried using the internal ZDMC player on 17.1 and 17.3 but it doesn't get 23.796 frame rate right and rounds it up to a full 24. At least 16.1 gets that right!

    So it would appear that it is ZDMC Krypton that is causing the crashing problems as it launches the external player - Any chance you can have another go at fixing it for us Dylan?



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