Streaming server and player app for Zidoo X9

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Thomas Sun, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Thomas Sun

    Thomas Sun New Member

  2. Dexos

    Dexos New Member

    Isn't this better accomplished using preinstalled Kodi
  3. fotisalonika

    fotisalonika New Member

    It is working perfect !!! Wow !!! Thanks Thomas Sun !!!

    Now, is there a way to setup a VPN ... where X9 is the server and my andoid phone is the client, so I can watch - stream HDMI In to my cell phone when I am away from home ?
    I don't have a router with VPN menu and don't want to use a pc as the server. Can Zidoo X9 be the server?

    Thanks again Thomas, wonderful work
  4. Thomas Sun

    Thomas Sun New Member

    You just need to configure the router to forward tcp port 1234 to the Zidoo X9
  5. Matte7

    Matte7 New Member

    Hey Thomas, your job is great! I have two question for you:
    1) If I want to use VLC instead of NTVPlayer (I'm a MacBook owner and the app is unavailable) what address should I use?
    2) If I start the app in my Zidoo, do it use the bandwidth of my router even if no one is playing his stream (slowing down the other connected devices)?

    Thank you! ;)
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  6. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Nice apk, one feature that could be implememt is start feed automaticly when starting NTVserver. If I use Zidoo start at startup for NTVserver we have to start the feed manualy... Starting the feed when starting NTVserver without doing it manualy would make sense since reboot work nicely.
  7. rameshs

    rameshs New Member

    Hello, it doesn't work for me: the apk crashed immediaely! help please! I've installed ntvserver from github... I'd like to stream on my local network the hdmi in !
  8. Matte7

    Matte7 New Member

    There's two version of NTVServer in the repo, one for the X9 and the second for X9S. Install the right one.
  9. rameshs

    rameshs New Member

    Thank's a lot: i'm so confused being so stupid!
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