Signal dropouts with 4k UHD HDR content - w/ projector - help

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Fritz, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Fritz

    Fritz New Member


    i got my X9S yesterday and this is my first post in the forum.
    my zidoo is connected to an Acer M550 4k HDR projector with a 10 meter (33 feet) long HDMI.
    the zidoo native player (and also internal ZDMC player) plays 4k HDR files like Full UHD blurays or remuxes or rips, but occasionally the signal drops and resyncs (sometimes it doesn't sync back). also, during the playback of these files i get horizontal thin lines flickers all around the screen (very annoying). all other content works fine.

    i need to know if this is a cable+zidoo interaction problem or only a zidoo issue.

    i tested the same cable and content with an nvidia Shield streamer and everything runs smooth without any dropouts, so i guess the cable itself is working properly.
    ALSO - when using the short 1 meter cable that came in the box with the zidoo - does not pass 4k signal to the projector at all! only 1080p. but with the nvidia shield it also works perfectly at all resolutions.

    so does the zidoo x9s send very weak signal and i need to search for a cable or is my specific unit defected?
  2. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    it sounds like a cable issue. I had the same problem. It's possible it's a weak output signal issue with the hardware. I've had the same problem with my LG 4K Bluray player. i had to buy a shorter cable for both my bluray player and my x9s. Do you plug directly in to your projector or do you go through an AV receiver? If you have a really complex setup you might want to look at a HDBaseT extender to push HDMI over long distances.
  3. Fritz

    Fritz New Member


    thanks for the reply. it was a cable problem. i was thinking of buying an expensive "active" hdmi cable but decided to give another generic brand (ETION) a try and it worked!
    i guess the zidoo is really "picky" in terms of cables because the Nvidia shield worked fine with every cable i had.
  4. Ballgor

    Ballgor New Member

    I have the same problem. I used to two different brands 0f HDMI cables, one traditional and one optical, one to a projector and another to a 4k TV. I got frequent signal dropout problems in both cases. I don't think it is a cable issue.
  5. Fritz

    Fritz New Member


    It is not ONLY a cable issue but a combination of the zidoo and cable. As I have written I've tried 2 cables that worked well with Nvidia shield and not with zidoo. But in the end I found a 10 meter cable that works now without any drops between the zidoo and my projector. I guess the zidoo hdmi output signal is weak compared to other devices and that forces to try out all sorts of cables to find one that is of high enough quality to maintain that weak signal. Don't give up and look for "active" hdmi cables (monoprice is a known and vauled brand)
  6. Ballgor

    Ballgor New Member

    Thanks for your advice. I will have to find an 'active HDMI" cable to try out.
  7. polakis

    polakis Member

    I have the same problem with hdr dropouts. Can you suggest an active hdmi good cable?
  8. ParkPrince

    ParkPrince New Member

    Maybe it is because not all cables are compatible with the port? I think it is better to have the original cable of the 4K project Amazon packs with the delivery.

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