Other Interface : SD Card max. 32GB?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Leoben, Oct 7, 2015.

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    The maximum size which works with zidoo x9 is 32 Gb. If you already bought a higher capacity card, you can use it plugged into an usb3 adaptor.
  3. Leoben

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    No Zidoo X9, Zidoo X6 and only USB2.0.

    Did you think of this?


    Have you tried one of 64GB SD card?

    On many occasions it had products that were not supported in the specification, but managed.
  4. spring

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    the sdio interface only support 32Gb.
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  6. Leoben

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    Similar hardware... (Max Extended Capacity: 32GB)

  7. Arctic Ace

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    Is there any speed limitations for sdio 32Gb interface, e.g. does it support Micro SD 32Gb UHS cards (Ultra High speed) or should we stay at classic 32Gb Class 10 cards? Is there any benefits to buy high end & fast speed card?

    Would it be possible to save Kodi's streaming content to the Micro SD card?

    More details about SD-Card Speed Class:

    Would this be a good choice?
  8. Arctic Ace

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    Nevermind - I ordered Sandisc Ultra 32Gb.

    Does anybody know about the PVR possibilities, would it be possible to save Kodi's streaming content to the Micro SD card? I believe that X9 supports this but X6 won't - correct?

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