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  1. manulover

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    Hello partners

    I want to try to play the movies over the network by NFS to see if the posters and covers of the movies are loaded by the system faster than by SMB, which is how I am doing it so far.

    It is impossible for me to enter NFS from zidoo. I write the IP of my computer and the default port is written defect 111 and I don't know what to write here.

    Do you know what I should write in the port option within NFS in zidoo?

    My computer is well configured and I have the NFS option enabled.

    cheers and thank you again
  2. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen Member

    I can tell you right now, it's not faster :D. I actually encountered playback issues with NFS vs SMB. But when set mine up to the SYNOLOGY NAS, didn't have to do any of the settings just literally turned on the NFS shared service. Go into File > NFS> and let it scan and the NFS shares will appear. Didn't have to type any IP addresses. NFS default port is 111
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  3. manulover

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    I think that playing my movies by NFS will not improve that the covers or covers work faster than using SMB as you say.

    When I scan my collection, I activate the NFO option so that zidoo chooses my covers that I have created in Kodi on my computer. It is also for this reason that the covers of my collection work a little slower.

    Could this be the reason?

    Thank you
  4. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen Member

    It really depends, open up the NFO file. And scroll down to the cover info, I have seen cases where NFO are made to point at a URL for the cover/poster of where it is hosted instead of a local directory. I don't use NFO I just use the local players posterwall. I did discover though that, if you leave this as default setting it will create a .HomeTheatre folder in each one of your shares root directory and save all the posterwall images into there, so movies that hosted on a network location were loading up a bit slower. What I did to get around this was go into Posterwall Setting option and went into custom folders and changed it, so it pointed to an external hard drive that's always plugged into the Zidoo. And it created the folder there and saves all my posters into that folder instead which helped alot with the load speed of posters.
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  5. manulover

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  6. manulover

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    Thanks again

    I tried to do what you tell me and when I scroll down on my covers of my movies it has a hard time loading some of them and it works a little slow.

    I don't know if I'm doing things right. What I did was select the custom folder option and within this option select the internal hard drive that I have installed inside the zidoo so that all the covers of my movies on my computer that I am sharing by SMB to go into that folder.

    It is a bit annoying to see how when I move my covers or covers quickly it is difficult to load them and see them for a few seconds.

    If I am doing something wrong please tell me.

    Thank you very much
  7. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen Member

    usually the very first time you do this, it is slow because I needs to download and save.

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