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Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by B0RN, Sep 27, 2022.

  1. B0RN

    B0RN Member

    Hello, can I get help with questions below regarding usability:

    1. How do I turn off the OSD when changing chapters - IE: Chapter 1/16 on top left
    2. Is there a way to set fast forward and rewind increments to be more than 10 seconds for stuff that doesn't have chapters?
    3. Is there an app I can download equivalent of Kodi-Nerds on the Z9X, I tried Kodi-Nerds Matrix but that wouldn't install on the device.
    4. This one's a major concern b/c I have 2 WD external drives connected to the Z9X and anytime I stop a movie or even think about scrolling through the list of titles, it ramps up the drives like they are about to take off. Is there a setting for USBs to be on performance mode or something like the Shield? Otherwise, I feel like the Z9X is doing a solid number on these hard drives and shortening their life quite a bit.
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  2. B0RN

    B0RN Member

    I figured out Q 2 and Q3.

    Still need to how to get rid of OSD pop up when changing chapters. And one drive is running really loud and hard with Z9X, would love to find a resolution to this.
  3. xpabl0b

    xpabl0b New Member

    Please can you provide more details on the answer for Q2 as I would like to know this too.
  4. B0RN

    B0RN Member

    I just figured out that you can skip to percentages of movie timeline by pressing numbers 1 to 9. 1 takes you to 10%, 5 takes you to 50% of the movie's runtime and so on. This is much easier to navigate for movies without chapters.
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