New firmware v2.3.35 Beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

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  1. pavlin67

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    ZIDOO_Z9S v2.3.35 public beta firmware
    Model: ZIDOO_Z9S
    Version number: v2.3.35
    Download link:
    MD5: 397B579E50AA95B559528EDD29CCC8C3
    Upgrade method: OTA
    Changelog (Google translate):
    1. Increase screen saver function
    2. Add support for aiff music files
    3. Optimize DLNA projection function
    4. Add Czech language adaptation
    5. Repair 3D seamless playback
    1. Add press the information button to display poster information
    2. Fix the problem of pressing the function key to continue playing during pause
    3. Optimize subtitle download
    4. Optimize the function of forced subtitles
    5. Optimize the display of player poster information
    6. Fix the problem that the local player's bit rate gets wrong
    7. Added file name display for local player information key
    8. Fix the problem that the shortcut keys cannot switch chapters
    9. Optimize frame rate switching
    Picture manager
    1. New revision of functions
    2. Add custom folder function
    3. Add the function of setting folders as screensaver pictures
    4. Optimize the slideshow function
    5. Fix the problem that the vertical screen picture is stretched in the slide show
    6. Add the function of exclude folder
    Poster wall:
    1. Upgrade version 4.0
    2. Optimize the sorting function of the navigation interface
    3. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
    4. Solve the problem that the child lock will be ignored when playing directly
    5. Fix the problem of incorrect data after sorting widgets
    6. Optimize the ratio of local trailers
    7. Optimize the sorting function
    8. Optimize the details interface
    9. Fix the problem of incorrect TV viewing records
    10. Modify the problem that the detailed title is too long
    11. When optimizing the list display, the letter navigation and the left side column prompt the picture at the same time
    12. Optimize TV series matching
    13. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
    14. Add the launch time setting of the trailer in the detail interface
    Music player
    1. Re-upgrade music version 6.0
    2. Optimize album matching logic
    3. Increase the folder function
    4. Optimize the detailed interface display
    5. Increase music setting function
    6. Added support for multiple formats (aiff, nrg, etc.)
    7. Increase CD interface information display
    8. Optimize playback stability
    Main interface
    1. Optimize the boot display speed
    2. Shortcuts add sorting function (press the menu key or long press the OK key)
    3. Optimize animation fluency
    Quick settings
    1. Increase screen saver settings
    4. Add input method selection settings
    File manager
    1. Optimize the display of playback records
    2. Increase the playback record display switch
    3. Fix the problem that the wallpaper of the file manager is not synchronized occasionally
    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Increase the function of the information button to display movie information
    2. Fix the problem of not being able to navigate after entering the screensaver
    Сontrol сenter
    1. Optimize connection stability
    App installer
    1. Optimize webpage installation function
    ZDMC v18.8
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  2. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    The Z10 has been forgotten?
  3. arcazal

    arcazal New Member

    The Z1000 has been forgotten also?
  4. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Guys this is the standard procedure. Beta test of new firmware starts on Z9S. Updated firmware for Z10 and other devices come later.
  5. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    Firmware v2.3.33 beta for Z10 has never been seen.Then I turn the boxes that do not upgrade to Android 9
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  6. Kenshin

    Kenshin New Member

    zidoo is not a real product is only a beta box which constantly causes problems! so that is only good for the company makes money.. china will never be technically like japan they can only dream of it
  7. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

  8. franz weber

    franz weber New Member

    nothing to read from spdif troubleshooting.
    nobody cares about zidoo.
  9. hao1080p

    hao1080p New Member

    Great to see the new Poster Wall 4.0 and Music Player 6.0 is also avaiable now on the Z9S.
    Can't wait to test how the new MP6 looks like and improves.
  10. singuser

    singuser New Member

    Music Player 6.0 is broken and not scanning my sources! It starts scanning and then abruptly exits after scanning only 10 out of some 1600 tracks in my database.
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  11. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Music Player 6.0 - first time for me Zidoo controller app works as intended. I can browse my music collection by folders from the app. I don't have to turn on the TV just to listen to the music. Wow.

    It had problem navigating NAS Music share > Group or Singer folder > Album folder from iPhone app. It works now :)
    Scanning and scraping of music is much worse than scanning movies. Sorting by singer or albums is useless. All I need is simple browsing folders. My music is already sorted and organized in folders. Works for me now.
  12. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Something might be wrong with the scraper. Only scanning local data works for me.
  13. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I didn't re-scan my collection with Music Player 6. I was just happy Zidoo Controller app for iPhone worked with directories for me now :)
    I'm going to add SPDIF optical cable from Zidoo to receiver. HDMI is tied in with the receiver and the TV. Power on is automatic on both.
  14. I installed this Firmware, the first time, there were no Gaaps, there was already Google Play installed but it did not let me in to be able to log in.
    I redid the factory reset procedure, now there are neither the Gaaps nor the Google Play, where can I find the gapps for this firmware?

    Thank you so much in advance, Andrea.
  15. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

  16. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    My Z10 with this Firmware and the previous one,GappsInstaller there is Google Play installed, but there is no icon, I can't use it.
  17. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Install GappInstaller from the link I've posted
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  18. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    I tried it doesn't work, nothing changes, Google Play is installed but in the app there is no icon
  19. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    No icon for what?
  20. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    To start Google Play, example if there is no icon to start it how can I know if there are updates?

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