new firmware release date? Beta?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by martyn aisbitt, Apr 14, 2018.

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  2. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

    Silence, only silence ! Such a shame
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  3. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    guys dipper-cat oppened a thread and replied to a lot of questions.
    Now that he acknoledged the main issues we can expect a delay, hoping they are not just quicly patching the code but re-working it deep or even from scratch! (which we all beleive was needed no?)
    you may also have more chance to get an answer if you ask him on his thread where he seems to reply to questions ;)
  4. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

  5. andyt1000

    andyt1000 Member

    After the latest update,I am well happy with it,Performs perfectly for playback now,as I don't use the boxes other functions I can't comment on these.For me I use it just as a playback device.
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  6. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    .25 firmware , is faster (i think) EDIT wifi does works and is fast enough.
    Bluetooth remote sometimes lost connection according a on screen message but connection stil works.
    i use UTP so wifi i do not care about ;-)

    I did not make a reset because i do not want spend the time again to install all the apps and settings again , its a update so it has to work

    I hope that this beatiful hardware gets a decent firmware soon , if not it is my only and last Zidoo product.
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  7. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    made a mistake buying this buggy box. now stuck with it as I bought it in Shenzhen. big lesson learnt, research and research before buying ....
    even my x5 performing better than this garbage box! shame on you Zidoo!
  8. dipper_cat

    dipper_cat Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Sorry for the delay in releasing the new firmware. We are trying to resolve these issues as far as possible before releasing it. Thank you for your support and understanding.
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  9. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    hello dipper_cat,

    please try fixing the issues that are mentioned in the threads and release the firmware.

    At the end be honest about things that really can't be fixed in future releases.

    Thank you
  10. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    I would also like you to answer about comments in this link -

    Why would Zidoo release such product when they know Kodi won't be supported properly as all?? Please dont take your customers for granted!
  11. dipper_cat

    dipper_cat Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    For your description, we found that most of the videos played using local players outperform Kodi, so we will release a customized version of Kodi that uses local players as Kodi's external players (including using SMB/NFS).
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  12. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    I know local player outperforms Kodi. But I also need Kodi working which isn't working properly at all! Cannot exit, cannot use hardware decoding and lots of other issues.
  13. JD1983

    JD1983 New Member

    This sounds to me like you will be using bandaid solutions. The programs should all run as intended without alteration. Focus on main issues with box, ie browser crashes, play store issues, video player crashes when pausing tv or movie after resume in a short period of time the player just closes with no errors. List goes on. I dont care about features, just about box working as advertised!
  14. gleb55555

    gleb55555 New Member

    Zidoo, when are you going to release a new firmware where all playback issues are fixed?
  15. gleb55555

    gleb55555 New Member

    Hi Everybody ! ...
    I'm just bought this H6 Pro box and updated to 1.0.28 firmware.
    I'm very disappointed.
    I didn't get what I want from this tv box.
    Video playback is awful! ...
    I tried different players:

    Media Center (embedded player) - plays video with interruptions that happens each second !! .. Cannot watch fims at all.
    Kodi - the video playback isn't smooth, very hard to watch videos.
    MX player - the video playback isn't smooth (better than Kodi, but still not good), the video gets slow each constant period of time.
    VLC - no sound at all !!! ...
    Archos player - playback is the same as in Kodi.
    Youtube (both regular and for tv) - playback is the same as in MX player.

    Please fix playback issues in the nearest firmware release !! ..
    I cannot watch films on it !!! (I bought it because I want watch films on it).

    Other issues (besides playback issues that should get maximum priority):
    1. TV box doesn't get frimware updates over internet connection !!! I had to download the firmware to local drive and update the box manually.
    2. Few times I couldn't turn ON the box via remote control .. so I had to turn the power off and then turn it on.
    3. Sound level that gets from the box is low ... so I had to increse the sound on my TV too much to hear the video sound.
    4. Media Center doesn't support DLNA (only SMB and NFS).

    My hardware configuration:
    TV - LG 42LE5300 (2010 year).
    Zidoo H6 Pro connected by HDMI to TV.
    Screen resolution is 1080P 60 HZ.
    Video films are located on external HDD connected to my router (Zyxel Keenetic Giga III) via USB 3.0, the router exposes 2 kind of connections to HDD - SMB and DLNA, I tried both where possible.
    Zidoo H6 Pro connected to the local network via Wifi 802.11 ac.
    Films are full hd videos encoded via divx/xvid/h.264 codecs.

    Notice, my 2nd TV 4K Sony KDL-43W809C doesn't have such playback issues.

    Zidoo support, let me know if you need logs (ot other info) from tv box to fix all these issues.
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  16. mitchell4you

    mitchell4you Member

    just wondering... beta team?
    are you working on a firmware?

    zidoo is there firmware update coming?
    is the h6 still getting support? (and how long)
  17. lgxyl

    lgxyl New Member

    Hi dipper_cat,

    Is it a known issue that it randomly can't be waked up from sleep/stand by mode? I actually likes my h6 pro but this issue is very annoying. I hope it is just a firmware issue not a HW issue?
  18. Daryl1989

    Daryl1989 New Member

    My recently received H6 Pro has firmware 1.0.13 and also does't have any audio in VLC.

    My real problem is nothing better than 5.1 Dolby Prologic output via the SPIDF optical cable to a DTS/Dolby Digital receiver. I've tried every configuration with no success.

    There are a few posts in this forum with this issue, but no responses and/or no solutions.

    Does anyone have a solution?
  19. warmq

    warmq New Member

    science changes life
    whether you prefer to recorder the progress when you are in the game?
    I have too many videos on my computer... I have to find a good MP4 to DVD converter (not free is ok)to release my computer space.
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