Multichannel Flac via ZDMC

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by TK423, May 23, 2023.

  1. TK423

    TK423 New Member

    Is ZDMC capable of playing multichannel FLAC files? I'm currently trying to play some 5.1 files but they're outputting in 2.0 stereo.

    Zidoo Music is able to output the files in the appropriate 5.1 but I want avoid using it if at all possible.
  2. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    No, it's an Android limitation that Zidoo Music is able to bypass, that's why I've asked if ZDMC could also call the Music player, as it currently does with the Video Player.
  3. TK423

    TK423 New Member

    That makes sense. Thanks.
  4. Rootdown4594

    Rootdown4594 New Member

    MRMC works 5.1 flac. It's a fork of Kodi. You'll have to install the google play store and also MRMC isn't free. I think it's about 5 dollars. It also supports Plex.
  5. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Kodi supports multichannel PCM/Flac as well as .M4a atmos files (both TrueHD lossless and E-AC3 lossy Atmos) on Shield, but I think there is some custom audio bitstream handling going on there to make that work. I don't see why it cant be made to work on Zidoo eventually because the same Android limitation is why Plex/Jellyfin apps cant play those files on Shield too.
  6. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    I cant actually get the built in music player to play multichannel Flac at all, I've tried different HDMI audio output configurations but it only ever outputs 2ch LPCM for some reason.
    my Edid does list 6ch LPCM support at all sample rates and bit depths, so it should be passed through?

    As for encoded formats i've tested so far: Lossy Atmos M4a files work, lossless TrueHD Atmos M4A files don't even play (ZDMC works though).

    So unfortunately for music I have to stick with my Nvidia Shield for now, Kodi on Shield plays everything just fine.
  7. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Multichannel FLAC (5.1 and 7.1) is working for me on ZDMC, I do have issues occasionally when switching to and from Atmos albums (particularly DD+ Atmos, not TrueHD Atmos) and Flac surround albums it sometimes gets stuck and plays in 2.0, but it fixes itself when switching tracks usually.

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