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    That's right. Only RPU so it's like MEL, no EL. Only 2x streaming boxes will play FEL mkv.

    1. Ugoos AM6b+ running CoreElec - By far the best choice. CoreElec is also very stable/optimized at this point so the player experience and speed is faster than the Z9X Pro with RTD1619BPD chipset

    2. Chromecast w GTV - Has a bug so EL is out of sync with BL. Also audio passthrough is nerfed

    Technically the Gen 2 Fire TV also running CoreElec can play FEL mkv. But there are extra steps in unlocking the bootloader and no ethernet port so Am6b+ is a much better choice.

    All others: Zidoo, Dune, Shield Pro, Fire Gen3, R_volution, Homatics, you name it will discard the FEL and "fallback" to MEL, so just the RPU is processed (the dynamic metadata).

    For me, I will not watch anything without FEL anymore because we have streaming players now that can play it. Discarding the EL is too much of a compromise when there are roughly 300 FEL films and growing weekly. There are minimal to huge differences compared to reference disk players. For now, only the Am6b+ is capable of matching a disk player 1-to-1, down to the colorimetry flags.
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    I looked on the CoreElec site for frame packed 3D but did not find anything. Does CoreElec play frame packed 3D? The R_volution 8K and Dune 8K does not so sticking with my Zidoo UHD5000 for now. As a projector user DV is not that important to me.
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    Don't know about CoreElec but LibreELEC does on Raspberry Pi. Native support for Kodi, very easy to install, pleasure to work with and 3D frame packed ISO support.

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