Issues with new zidoo z9x pro - apps and playback

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  1. RandoMe

    RandoMe New Member

    I've been playing around with the device for a couple days, and I've been having various issues.

    First of all, I've tried various apps, but they don't operate properly.
    Plex won't let me pick the TV Mode/phone mode option. I went and downloaded every version of the app I could see recommended in the forums, went back to major 8 and 7, nothing worked.
    Many links that should trigger the opening of apps don't work.
    Opening a video file over https into HT4 doesn't work
    As well as other issues.

    All of this, along with the settings (actual android settings) UI and various android menus, plus the information on Mcbluna's website
    All lead me to believe that the device is running android 11 TV, rather than android 11, which is what is written on the website, as well as futeko's website.
    I contacted Futeko about this, and they were adamant that the device runs android 11, non TV version, and told to me to ask around here.
    Can anyone verify what operating system is actually being used? I bought the zidoo z9x pro specifically because I was looking for a non TV version of android.

    Additionally I've been experiencing stuttery playback of TrueHD audio. The same DV video plays fine with other soundtracks, however the moment I swap the track, it becomes a mess, video and audio stuttering and becoming choppy.
    Has anyone experienced this? What can I do to resolve the issue? Are there any settings I need to change?

    The lights also don't seem to be turning on when pressing the bulb button on my remote, am I doing something wrong? Should I change any device settings?
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  2. jeryll

    jeryll New Member

    AFAIK it IS Android 11 TV, at least on my Z9x pro (from futeko), you can check by opening Playstore (I flashed G version of FW 1.0.48_G), Z9X pro playstore UI is the same I have on my Phillips TV (where is Android 9 TV), big disappointment on my side, but nothing that alternative playstore (Aurora) could not solve... You can also check advanced settings and look for about section - check included picture - and see clearly stated "Android TV OS version" 11.

    As for the bugs, it's new device ... I'm sure in time, most of the bugs will be fixed ...

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  3. RandoMe

    RandoMe New Member

    I just came across this as well looking around in the settings

    Quite disappointed tbh, I bought it specifically because I was looking for a non TV version of android, and some of the issues, such as plex not working are inherent to the platform and can't be solved.
    VPN is another issue, on android TV you can't require the VPN connection to be on like you can on regular android.
    Neither can links not properly opening their relevant apps, as it is a platform "issue", which may be related to video files over http/s failing to play in HT4, but it may also just be a bug.
    Can anyone shine some light on this?

    Claiming android 11 on the promotional material is misleading.

    Does anyone know if maybe a non android TV build is expected?

    I expect the TrueHD issue to be sorted out in a couple updates, but I think that my remote not lighting up is a hardware issue rather than software, does anyone have any experience with this?
  4. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    " but I think that my remote not lighting up is a hardware issue rather than software, does anyone have any experience with this?"

    - Mine does not work either.
  5. tc2007

    tc2007 Active Member

    Is there any reason why Android TV was chosen for the new devices when none of the streaming stuff works? Lot of good Android apps are not compatible with Android TV. I know we can sideload them but that's another hurdle.
  6. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Plex works with the new boxes, it just depends on what features of Plex you're looking for. You can use the PlexToZidoo app and the ZidooPlexMod addon for Kodi/ZDMC and it will let you play back local content using the native zidoo player. But you won't be able to stream the free Plex movies and tv shows if that's what you're looking for. If you want more details look at this thread

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