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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Cliff B, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Cliff B

    Cliff B New Member

    I added a season of shows. I had to re-match three out of eight shows. Easily done. However, it has now created two SEPARATE season one posters - one with the three new shows, the second originally matched correctly with the other five shows. There was only one search result for the show and season, so I know it’s the correct one.

    How can I move them together to create just ONE season of eight shows. This has happened to me with a few shows (multiple posters in the collection for the SAME season). I just want to combine and it will be perfect!
  2. metar

    metar New Member

    This is what I did:
    - first of all, rename ALL of your files of the show following this scheme:
    xx SyyEzz tt
    where: xx = name of the show (eg. Game of thrones), yy = number of the season (eg. 02), number of the episode (eg. 04), tt = title of the episode (eg. title of the episode).
    - second, do a rematch of the folder and that's all.
    - Eventually, if you have multiple seasons of the show, you can add the folder to a collection, so that you will have a single folder for the show, containing folders for each season.

  3. Cliff B

    Cliff B New Member

    Thanks for responding. That’s how my files are already named based on the episode manager that I use. It’s still creating multiple “season one” posters that I can add to a collection (where I still end up having way more posters than actual seasons ... season one, season one, season two, season three, season three, etc). There should be a way to combine those multiple season one posters into ONE season poster with all the episodes for that particular season.

    I’ll try with different naming techniques. Or trying to sideload a different database program just for my TV shows. Home Theatre 3 works well with movies and movie collections.
  4. Cliff B

    Cliff B New Member

    Found a solution, though painstakingly time-consuming. Rather than try to add all the seasons of a show at once, I added a season at a time. Rematch the shows that didn’t scrape properly. Complete season, move to the next, repeat. A bit mind- numbing after a few seasons, so I take a break. But once in, you get the great interface of Home Theatre 3. So for me, the effort is worth it.

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