Ho do I reinstall the Special Kodi for Zidoo X9

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Scott, May 31, 2015.

  1. Scott

    Scott Member

    So if the version of Kodi is special to Zidoo X9 then where do I find it if I need to re-install it ?
    Kodi failed to open due to Waiting for external Storage message after configuring it with a option to see my SMB drive on the network for a backup location since it failed to work by adding the location from an external USB drive.
  2. Sarco

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    Did you try to delete the data for kodi, search for it and delete the data folder. When starting kodi it will repopulate the kodi data like first start. Google to find where the folder is.
  3. Scott

    Scott Member

    Thanks for the tip but I tried Recovery method but all that did was keep in in Boot mode so I added a SD card with 1.2.9 and 1.3.1 versions then ran that again and it allowed an update to 1.2.9 and it reinstalled kodi and I did not loose old setting I had before deleting Kodi likely because I ddi not delete the Kodi data folder.
  4. DragonFly

    DragonFly Member

    There are two ways of extracting the "special" Zidoo Kodi apk:

    1. On the device itself -> located at /system/preinstall/xbmc.zip (rename .zip to .apk)
    2. Download latest firmware (at this moment ZIDOO_X9_ota_v1.0.3.1.zip) -> unpack and goto \system\preinstall\xbmc.zip (again rename .zip to .apk)
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