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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Eltax1693, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Eltax1693

    Eltax1693 New Member

    I always want to play my movies in full screen without black bars.
    My tv scale is perfect.

    Minimize black bars setting: Max is 20%. Need around 40% to fill my screen.
    Need to adjust every movie.

    Zoom function / subtitles out of screen

    Can you please enable this setting like Openelec/Kodi?
    Stretch 16:9


  2. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    What you want is a zoom function correct?
  3. Eltax1693

    Eltax1693 New Member

    Tnx for your replay. No, the zoom function is working fine. Need an option to stretch 16:9 to get full screen.
  4. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    Do you no that stretching to full screen you will lose quality..

    why do you want lose quality ? do you no that the black bars also have pixels ?
    If you stretch the 1080p black bars you will end up with only 800...

    And besides with strech image everything looks out of proportion..
    If non linear stretch is used as soon as the camera pans from right to left theres distortion in the edges..

    • Stretch 4:3 - retains the original pixel ratio and stretches the image equally in both directions so that the vertical size matches the screen height. However this does not fill the screen in the horizontal plane so the video is displayed with black bars left and right. No distortion, No missing pixels, Black bars.
    • Zoom - goes one stage further and continues to stretch the image until the horizontal size matches the screen width. However pixels on the top and bottom are now off screen and thus missing. No Distortion, Missing pixels, No Black Bars.
    • Wide Zoom tries to improve on zoom by stretching the image slightly less in the vertical plane than the horizontal plane to retain more pixels at the cost of some distortion (slight squashing of the picture). Mild distortion, Less missing pixels, No Black Bars.
    • Stretch 16:9 - like Wide Zoom, the image is stretched by different ratios in the vertical and horizontal planes so that the vertical size matches the screen height and the horizontal size matches the screen width. However the image is even more squashed than with Wide Zoom. This fills the screen and retains all the pixels, but at the expense of image integrity. People appear short and fat. Maximum distortion, no loss of pixels, No black bars.
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  5. Eltax1693

    Eltax1693 New Member

    Yes, I know that. My movies are cropped. Just want to have this option. Working good with PI2/Openelec/Kodi.
  6. Zahir Jamal

    Zahir Jamal New Member

    Thanks, Couto, for a lucid explanation of what different zoom settings "cost" in terms of PQ. I tend to use the regular zoom function to fill my 65" TV screen - may think twice before doing so now. Like others here, I don't like black bars...

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