Denon hdmi switching and x9s

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Wim, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Wim

    Wim New Member

    Hey Guys

    Tried to input the X9s on my Denon x4100w, this is my setup with all my other mediaplayers running on raspberry pi2. The Hdmi than is output to a lg U850v Tv supporting 4k.
    When I try this setup for the x9s, it doesn't work to great; no picture at all, or no switching to higher res on tv when playing 4k file.
    Also when I try auto setup in hdmi settings it reverts to 480p and won't switch to higher res at all.
    Is there anybody who has a denon receiver and has the zidoo x9s setup with this receiver, please let me know how you have this setup and what settings are required in the x9s as well.

    Thanks for the trouble
  2. Kurt

    Kurt Member

    I have a Dennon AVR 1708 and could never figure out how to get any video at all yo go through it..
    I just use it for audio.. Id like to figure it out, but I gave up after repeated tries.
    I remember reading in the manual its very picky about what HDMI cables to use, you may want to look into that..
  3. Wim

    Wim New Member

    Thanks but I have setup several other devices this way and all of them seem to work without any problem, I use only 1 type of prof high speed hdmi cable so I don't think the problem is in the hdmi cables
  4. Joaquim Moleirinho

    Joaquim Moleirinho New Member

    I have the 4200w denon receiver conected to Samsung 8500 uhd ziddo x9s conected to reciver hdmi on ziddo box auto i get full uhd resulution no problem
  5. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    I have a Denon 3300w issues. Well, apart from once in a while it won't pass the HDMI to the tv. Disconnecting it from power will reset something and then it works ok.

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