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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by Evgeniy, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Evgeniy

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    Hello. I have 2 problems with Zidoo X8.

    1. First and the most important problem - lagging and tearing video in non-system player.

    Native player is very smooth, but all other apps like youtube, video players and IPTV using StageFright or MediaCodec decoders are very laggy.
    This review stated that StageFright and MediaCodec libraries on Zidoo boxes have bug that leads to frames drop-out.

    I shot a video comparison (on a camera with 1080p 60hz video mode) of 2 video boxes i have - Xiaomi Mi Box and Zidoo X8. Youtube for TV app was used for recording, but native Youtube and MX player show the same output.
    (Test 1-3)

    Test video files:

    Native player is excelent but I need non-native for IPTV and Youtube apps.

    2. Second problem - incorrect aspect ratio.

    When played in native player all PAL 720x576 16:9 anamorphic videos are shown not fullscreen (1024x576) but in 720x576 resolution. So everything on screen is very very stretched. Such problematic videos include DVD videos and all SD IPTV channels.
    If I change in context menu "Aspect ratio" from "Original size" to "Fullscreen" then it shows right way but when I start playing widescreen movie than I need switching that setting back as the video is stretched.
    Non-native players show such videos correctly.
    This problem is new to me as all hardware and software players I had got correctly show such videos.

    Recorded examples:

    Test file (should be played fullscreen):

    Please help me to solve/fix it.
    If not these problems then it would be ideal TV Box for me.

    P.S. For correct viewing of my recorded videos they should be downloaded and viewed on PC as that cloud player (mail.ru) may spoil video smoothness.
    Tested on 1.2.11, 1.3.0, 1.4.12 firmwares. Settings were cleared each time.
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  2. Ekul

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    Both are known bugs in firmware from day 1.
    1. Kodi is not optimized for internal playback on Zidoo box. (Sync with screen will improve but no passthrough sound will work with that setting.)
    2. Wait for next firmware and hope they will fix it (i guess not)
    Or you can reencode dvd to 1024x576 mkv with dvdfab.
  3. Evgeniy

    Evgeniy New Member

    1. I didn't say anything about Kodi.
    Youtube is badly tearing and lagging.
    And other players using non-native player are sometimes lagging sometimes almost smooth.

    2. DVD is not a big problem. The problem is IPTV SD online channels.
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