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  1. I too thought so, as it was also in the previous firmware, however, yesterday, after installing the latest update, if I set the HDR to "Auto", the DV logo appears on the screen at the beginning of the film. I don't know what to think ....... Would you recommend a "return to the first Firmware" and then reinstall this (6.2.0), or the one just above) ........... Thank you for being so patient with me, Andrea.
  2. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    I assume you have tried a full reboot now with the switch on the back?

    If so, it must be a DV film for that to happen - have a look at the properties in Media Info.
  3. I had a similar problem caused by a bad ripped or broken dolby vision mkv file. The player was still in dolby vision mode after stopping the video. A reboot doesn't fixed it.
    Only disconnect the player from the power supply and wait 5 minutes solved it
  4. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    The age old adage of "Turn it off and on again" is still as valid today as it ever was!
  5. Tried with switch but, setting the HDR on Auto, always gives me DV ........ From Mediainfo, the audio is absolutely not in DV.
  6. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok - maybe try forcing another HDR mode then switching back to Auto.

    So first try "SDR Rec.709 Limited" and play a few seconds of a movie.

    Then switch back to "Auto" and see what happens.
  7. Ok, thanks, I'll do some tests ........ Always very kind
  8. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    CEC is the work of the devil and should never be used.

    IMHO of course ;)
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  9. Hi
    I have a question about HT4
    If I use that export nfo function, does that mean HT4 will override the nfos I had created with tiny Media Manager on my source folder? In my case a USB drive. Or does it store the nfos in the custom .homeTheatre folder ? I have selected on //storage?
  10. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    HT4 will overwrite the nfo/images in the source folder after user approval. I plan to implement an export with custom directory and correct handling of movie set images in my Home Theater DB Tool.
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  11. Yes overriding the source Nfo files in the movie folder isn't nice, because I also use this drive in kodi on a other player

    Thx for the reply
  12. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    Hello guys.
    Kindly someone can tell me how I can manually enter the frame rate?
    In some movies with a frame rate of 24,000 (Fifth Elements) it does not appear in the posters and neither those of 29,997 or 59,997 (I hope I have not been mistaken to write the frequencies:cool:).
    I would also like to insert the type of audio track of my choice (DD or DTS or DTS HD MA or Atmos).
    It can be done? if so how?
    I thank everyone.;)

  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    For some reason the only frame rate reported on a badge is 23.976 and there's no way to manually add others using file suffixes.

    Attached is a pdf showing the schema for filename suffixes, badges etc.

    Attached Files:

  14. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    Thanks Mark ..;)
    I know that pdf but I hadn't found anything about frame rate.
    Even if it is not very important do you think that in the future there will be the possibility to enter frame rates manually in the posters as for the audio?:rolleyes:

  15. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    If I'm brutally honest, I doubt it's on the radar and there are plenty of other things to fix first, but it's worth emailing and putting in a request.
  16. Goodmorning everyone, I hope I have put this question in the right discussion ..... I felt it was too big to start a new one. Surely I don't know how to set all the options that the Z9x gives you well but, I thought: is it possible to make the screensaver work even if for example I pause a movie? The screensaver works fine for me whenever the device is not showing "content" ......., with the content paused, the screensaver does not activate ...... Thanks in advance, good day everyone, Andrea.
  17. ulna68

    ulna68 Active Member

    there is no option to turn on the screen saver when viewing the movie, it was postulated to do so
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  18. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    That would be nice. The more we can do to avoid burn-in the better even if it's low risk. The subtitles can be real threat though.
  19. Mabon

    Mabon Active Member

    This has been discussed before on the forum. I think that it was decided that it would be impossible to do though. Apparently, it's a technical problem with trying to recover the specifications and resyncing when restarting the movie. All a bit techy for me :eek:!
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  20. @Markswift2003 Goodmorning everyone. the Zidoo Z9x, continued for a while to transmit with the VS10 engine in DV even if it was set not to do so and, one fine day it stopped. The days when he showed me the DV (even if I didn't want to), I started to see the images well, maybe of film clips I knew well, to my surprise, I found them quite good. I did some checks with the colorimetric probe and the image was not "distorted" by the VS Engine ........ Now, I have to be honest and even with the new firmware, I set the Z9x prerchè gives me DV on 4K Movies (not on SDR movies because there would be too much processing and when there is too much processing, the image suffers). I just wanted to report my experience, good day everyone, Andrea.

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