Media Labels for HT4 v4.0.49

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  1. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    You are all still invited to join the beta test of my Home Theater DB Tool. All you've to do is to send me a pm.
  2. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    I would like to post my thanks to McBluna for creating this tool. I am currently getting to grips with its use and am sure that I am bothering him with all my queries as to its use and the errors that I am coming up against.
    Perhaps we could have a new thread devoted to this tool
  3. vddan

    vddan Member

    A little more detail could interest more people!
  4. rozel

    rozel Active Member

    Yes, I could be interested. Whilst I use Music Player 6 for my music, I have adopted the Media File Manager for my Films. MP 6 and HT4 are both hit and miss when you scrape.
  5. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    To Quote McBluna's original post of 20/2/2021
    " I'm working on a TMM/NFO to Zidoo loader. It inserts, updates and deletes the entries in the backup file of HT and copies the images to the Zidoo image folder. And more stuff.
    Anyone who would like to participate the beta test please send me a pm."
  6. vddan

    vddan Member

    Yes ..... thank you, that I read it correctly, but a little more details of 'how' it works would be welcome!
  7. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    I have taken this from McBluna's webpage where he describes the use of the program. I hope he agrees with this

    "As input source for my tool I wanted to use the nfo files generated by tinyMediaManager or similar. The tool comes without a gui* and I’ve no plan to add one. This tool reads all supported information stored in Kodi conforming nfo files for Movies and TV Shows and transfers them into a Home Theater library backup file. The tool inserts, updates and delete Movies, Movie Collections, TV Shows, Seasons and Episodes.
    You don’t have to rename your files for the Zidoo scraper anymore

    To get valid scraping result with the Zidoo scraper in many cases you have to rename your files. With this tool you can leave your files untouched.
    ◆ Use the images for Movies and TV Shows what you want
    ◆ Export Home Theater database to Excel for visualization
    You can get the deviceIds, sourceIds and categoryId from the Home Theater database
    ◆ extended category handling
    You can add or remove videos based on the source or on the filename to or from a category.
    ◆ Automatic mode
    The tool creates a backup file for you, updates it and automatically restores the backup into Home Theater "by the use of a suitably configured config file"

    There is also a "manual" command line mode

    As I stated If McBluna can add his thoughts or add corrections to what I have posted
  8. vddan

    vddan Member

    Oh ! big thank you ........... like this it is already clearer.

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