Crowdsourcing translation project for ZIDOO Media player need your help

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Anyone can register for this project and localize it.
    We need you to introduce your details in this thread, such as your mother tongue and your second language. What can you do in this project. And provide your transfex ID. The team administrator will pass your application.

    For the time being, there are only home theater and settings. We will add other translation projects one after another.

    You can choose English as the source language, but I believe there are many imperfections in English. Someone can check it at any time.

    Thanks for you all.
    Project page:
    Home theater:

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  2. McBluna

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  3. Mabon

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  5. ulna68

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    and why is there no Polish? Poland is a large country ... even now there are a few people from Poland on the forum
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  6. McBluna

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    I've uploaded all German translations from Home Theater apk as start point for German. I can do this for every language you want.
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  7. McBluna

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    @ulna68 did you request Polish as new language?
    Bildschirmfoto am 2021-04-18 um 12.50.51.png
  8. ulna68

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    I did not know that you can ask, but if so, please, because I do not know how to report it, I understand that you need to be logged in to the site ???
  9. McBluna

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  10. McBluna

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    I've checked HT 4.0.53 and it has already 612/618 entries for Polish. So after @mirror added Polish I could upload the existing translations to Transifex.

    Here's a short statistic what's covered in HT 4.0.53
    most languages have a coverage of 68/618

    default (en) 618/618
    cs-rCZ       400/618
    de           548/618
    en-rGB       613/618
    pl           612/618
    ru-rRU       599/618
    zh-rCN       612/618
    zh-rTW       591/618
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  11. McBluna

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    So far I've completed the German translation. Now someone else should do a review.
  12. OlivierQC

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    Ask to Sledgehamma
  13. McBluna

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    Attached you'll find an export of the HT 4.053 translations as Excel file (
    On the tab export replace your language, copy the formula down for each row. Select all and copy paste to a text file.


    @Zwanzig I've attached the polish language file as example. See my guide, how to upload the language file to Transifex.

    Attached Files:

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  15. Mabon

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    OK. I've gone through the entire English database and made a few minor changes to grammar, using the xml file from @McBluna for context and a bit of help from Google Translate (from Chinese to English) to see what Zidoo really meant to say!

    If anyone else wants to try translating into their native language then Google Translate comes up with some excellent translations :cool:!

    @McBluna - when you translated into German what did you do with words in quotes e.g. <press "Left" and "Right" button> because they come up with warning messages for me???
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  16. mirror

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  17. RafP

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    Italian language 100% translated.
    It could be useful to load it to my HT to test the context of the sentences. Is it possible?
  18. blenky

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  19. vipkekko

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    [QUOTE = "RafP, post: 150928, member: 62890"] Lingua italiana tradotta al 100%.
    Potrebbe essere utile caricarlo sul mio HT per testare il contesto delle frasi. È possibile? [/ QUOTE]
    Mi fai sapere come beneficiare della traduzione totale della lingua italiana
  20. RafP

    RafP New Member

    Stiamo a vedere. Io ho completato la traduzione (alcune parti le aveva già tradotte un altro utente), ora qualcuno dovrà controllarla e poi penso la inseriranno in un prossimo aggiornamento

    Let's see. I've completed the italian translation (another user wrote a few parts before me), now I guess someone should review it and then it will be added to a future update.
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