Confirmed aggregated problems FW V6.3.0 (no feature requests)

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Nice Monkey, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. Hi Monkey.
    I don't know. When I tried it on Zidoo, the addon returned an error that L3 must be used, with DUNE L1 works without a problem
  2. 56k

    56k New Member

    1080 or 4k video download from youtube .WEBM

    i have my best music video collection in .WEBM on hard disk when i play After 5 or 7 video tv screen go black

    i have to reboot to get my screen back, rom version 6.1.15

    to reproduce this bug,
    put 10 .WEBM hd video in folder play, stop, skip, to next video after 3 video screen go Black have to reboot!

    first post here, this have to be fix!

  3. Arek

    Arek New Member

    Hello, I'm new here, I have a zidoo z1000 pro, I don't know English very much, but I will try to describe my problem.
    I own a Marantz SR7015 JVC X5500 Cambridge audio CXUHD and a zidoo Z1000pro. I have a problem with HDCP from zidoo on the earlier software, it was not. When I have hdcp set to 2.2, the movie starts but after pressing stop, there is no image and flying belts on JVC, while when I turn off hdcp, it is the other way around, the film does not start immediately, the stripes fly.
    Everything was OK on the earlier software.
    And one more problem, no iso menu in FHD and UHD
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  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    agree, dont mess with netflix they usually get their server update to defend no license device use their streaming service :(
    i myself subscribe netflix too and use firetv stick 4k to watch, it cheap and simple solution i thought :D

    btw 6.2.0 release and @mirror name it april fool version :D
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  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Updated to FW 6.3.0

    Please help me with items 5, 6, 7 and 10 as I can't check these.
    If solved please report that too.
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  6. Inikad

    Inikad Member

    5,6 and 7 are solved (for the last one, since HT4.0 release, you have to put all the episodes from all the seasons in the main folder of the TV Show + titles without the names of the episodes).
  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Thanks! Updated accordingly.
  8. Inikad

    Inikad Member

    Not really related to firmware 6.3.0, but we still have some troubles with the scrape accuracy in HT4.0: Movies with a title of 3 characters or less are not scanned automatically. Same with titles including numbers or a year (for example, 2001 space Odyssey, 300, 1917, stuffs like that): we have a conflict with the year of release in brackets.That would be nice if the Zidoo scrape could identify a year in brackets only for what it is: the year of release and not a part of the title of the movie.
  9. Teddyboy

    Teddyboy New Member

    @Inikad I agree with your findings. HT is part of the firmware, so it should be listed. It’s really annoying that it doesn’t recognize that a year in parentheses is not part of the actual title. In my case it’s intermittent. Sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t. I have over six hundred titles of which only a 160 where identified correctly. I tried resetting the database and rescanned again, and I still got the same results. I had to go in and manually rematch each title. Also when it rematches you have to pick it’s search suggestion in order to get a match. Sometimes you have to do that, but not for for films like alien (1979), alien resurrection (19xx), etc. it should also just automatically filter out ‘the’ at the beginning of he title. It doesn’t always do that, and the switch really does not work all the time. :)
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Sorry this in my basket of inconveniences. For HT4 everybody wants it to do something else.
    Zidoo will still read it. My list has no special attention or meaning other than being my list of serious problems.
  11. Teddyboy

    Teddyboy New Member

    @Nice Monkey I like your list. I’m not wanting HT 4.0 to do something different. I just want it to accurately match titles as much as possible. It’s typical for title match in Emby for example to ignore ‘the’ or have the production year in parentheses to narrow matches. HT 4.0 does that but not consistently.

    I’ve only tried Blu-Ray menus on one title “memoirs of a geshia” the menus would load but navigation was slow, and I had problems moving around. It sometimes took several button presses to activate a menu or move around. It was difficult. When I tried to play the movie from the menu it would just spin and quit, or would get stuck. I haven’t tried any DVDs yet. How has your experience been. I really do like the Z9x. It’s a nice little box.
  12. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Hardly use HT4 at all. Mostly start movies and also Music using Media Center. Use it more on demand when selecting a movie.

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