Zidoo X6 - Android app for remote control

Discussion in 'General Android Apps' started by bovirus, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    I didn't find any info the app to control from Android device the Zidoo X6 Pro tv box.

    Any info (download link/specification/etc)
  2. ahmaduk8

    ahmaduk8 New Member

  3. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    Many thanks.
    Why didn't find so important info anywhere in Zudoo support thread and in web pages?
  4. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    For all that can be inetrested I decompiled the apk and extracted the language file.
    It's possible to add any languages (you have to translated from english) that you want.
    If someone provide me the language file I can recompile it with new language.
  5. gulia

    gulia New Member

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