You can download videos from Instagram

Discussion in 'other' started by lenkona, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. lenkona

    lenkona New Member

    You can download videos from Instagram from your computer and phone, but not from the social network itself. In order not to violate copyright and privacy policies, the developers did not add a built -i n feature. T o sav e th e vide o, you will need to us e an app, onlin e servic e , o r progra m. You can also save the video using Telegram and working with the code.

    Download videos to your computer and mobile device to add to your personal collections, as well as a piggy Bank of ideas for inspiration to create content.
  2. BoneProtector

    BoneProtector New Member

    It's interesting, I've never heard that Telegram can allow you download videos from instagram
  3. Robin7

    Robin7 New Member

    There is a free service that allows you to view upload and enlarge Instagram profile photo in original size and in high resolution
    Uploading Instagram profile photos also works with any Instagram account.
  4. nadya

    nadya New Member

    I saw that on the Internet there are such sites that allow you to download videos and photos from instagram. You can find such sites in a search engine. There you just need to insert a link to a video or photo and click the download button.
  5. masha

    masha New Member

    You can even type in the search engine - download from instagram and you will find many sites where you can download photos and videos from instagram. I already downloaded photos and videos from instagram, there is nothing complicated.
  6. Ubansa

    Ubansa New Member

    Instagram is an intuitive and easiest to use photo editor for mobile devices.
    Many people like to take photos, feel like the creators of capture moments for history, and the most affordable and always at hand device for this business lives in their mobile phones. But just taking a picture of something is not so interesting how to share it with friends and acquaintances. Of course, you can upload all this on Facebook, but for this you need to make extra body movements.
    Instagram saves us from this dilemma, we take photos and immediately put everything in one application. Moreover, modern mobile phones provide quite digestible quality of the pictures taken, in any case so that it would not be embarrassing to post them on a social network that will be viewed mainly from the same phones where the flaws and wretchedness of the camera will not be visible.
  7. Robin7

    Robin7 New Member

    Instagram is a very popular social network today with millions of users around the world. It allows you to capture interesting things from the world around us and share with everyone. Instagram is also an intuitive and easiest to use photo editor for mobile devices.
  8. stepen

    stepen New Member

    Yes, you can share and download any photos, videos from the Instagram app. This is a social network service. It is used by billions of people around the world. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Linkedin and many more apps.
  9. Pettron

    Pettron New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  10. lianot

    lianot New Member

    I can tell you with complete confidence that Instagram is an excellent social network for promoting your business. Not so long ago, I opened a business account on Instagram for my online store, acquired Instagram Followers and now I have a business that brings me great income

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