RTD 1319 / RTD 1311 Realtek Chipsets

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    Looks like we could be getting tv tuners in future Media boxes Z11 anyone ;)

    The Realtek RTD1319/RTD1311 series is the world’s first 4K UHD STB SoC that supports AV1 video decoding and multiple Conditional Access System (CAS) functions. The chip also supports HEVC 1080P encoder, all HDR standards, diverse output interfaces such as HDMI 2.1, USB3.0, and PCI-e, and built-in far-field voice recognition. In addition to a built-in DVB-C demodulator ready for cable inputs, the RTD1319/RTD1311 has multiple TS interfaces suitable for accepting terrestrial, cable, or satellite signals coming through external demodulators, thereby delivering a hybrid STB solution.
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    Hello, any news for an upgrade of the UHD2000 to a model with the RTD1319 with 2.1 specs?

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