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Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by Nice Monkey, Jun 9, 2023.

  1. Werther44210

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    I was just replying to one person, in general, I am talking about the DMP A6 topic, which is a streamer I enjoy and I left a lot of post about it, only in this context. So, I apologize for the "Denon" aside that annoyed you. Nothing serious in all that. You should also know that I appreciate the valuable information that arises from the use of this streamer submitted by certain users, not to mention that Zidoo-Eversolo can take into account in the evolution of its product the evolutions desired by each other. . We French people like digressions a little too much, nothing dramatic...
  2. dnlpr

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    Mon DMP-A6 Master est parti en réparation au bout de 3 mois, à cause d'une distorsion énorme qui arrive par intermittence, impossible d'utiliser HDMI puisque ce n'est pas du I2S, je suis très déçu par Eversolo, pour moi c'est terminé, je n'achèterai plus.
  3. Werther44210

    Werther44210 Member

    Vraiment pas de chance, je n'ai pas sélectionné le Master Edition pour d'infimes améliorations, j'ai le modèle basique, je possède un Rose 250, j'utilise les deux, j'ai eu de la chance avec le Rose aussi (pas de problèmes), je comprends votre déception, j'ai acheté le DMP A6 car pas très cher et j'ai deux sonorités très différentes. Sur le DMP A6 tout fonctionne, mauvaise série, pas de chance pour vous. Chez Rose, il y a eu des appareils à renvoyer qui fonctionnaient mal, c'est très électronisé...
  4. timm

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    Oh no. U just opened up a rabbit hole for me. I have a denon 5900 sitting on a shelf. I can go analog out to my pre / or digital out to a matrix spdif which converts the input to i2s to my dac.

    Oh no……
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  5. jonnn

    jonnn New Member

    Hi all,

    What are the main issues remaining with this unit? Are large SMB/network share libraries still experiencing slow load times?
  6. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    The CD issue isn't fixed yet
  7. Marathin

    Marathin New Member

    Hi Folks,

    after reading very much about the DMP-A6 there are still some questions remaining for me and hope someone can answer them:

    So concerning to play my MCH-ISO SACD's / MCH-DSF's / MCH-FLAC's / MCH-WAV's the DMP-A6 is the perfect Device to play them by conecting them by plugging my External Storage by USB to the DMP-A6 and connect the DMP by HDMI to my Soundsystem (Sony HT-A9)-CORRECT ?

    Question: Can the DMP play also normally Stereo Files FLACS/WAVS/MP3s by HDMI too (from USB-plugged External Strorage) ???

    Question: My Music also additionally is stored on my Window Computer, where Twonkey Music Server also runs.
    Can the DMP-A6 "read/see"them in the same network (i.e. Bubble UPNP-App installed on the DMP ) and play the Music by HDMI-Output?.....

    Question: Can The DMP " Cast" the Music to Wireless-Speakers in the same Network (i.e by pressing the Cast-Button at Bubnle-UPNP???

    Question: Are The FOLDER-jpgs/ALBUM-jpgs im my Music-Collection are shown/vivible if the DMP see/read my Collection by Network
    from my Music-Collection at Windows???

    So I know these are very detailed questions and I hope someone has the experience to answer them.

    Thanks very much in forward !!!!!
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

  9. HDMI handshake between Yamaha Aventage 2080 and Eversolo DMP-A6 takes a long time. 10 min!!!
  10. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    That’s not ok ?
  11. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Even 10 seconds is long. That is not good. Changing cable maybe?
  12. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    HDMI syncs cannot take 10 minutes.
  13. I'm assuming it's an HDMI handshake problem, but I don't know for sure. If I select HDMI as the source and set the AVR Yamaha 2080 to the corresponding input, the AVR display first shows: Decoder off, after about 10 minutes my music, Flac DSD or whatever comes on. (2 channel). I will change the cable, which is a high quality one.
    I just changed the HDMI cable, everything is OK now. The previous one was an Ultra High Speed cable. Ultra bad.
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  14. TomBa

    TomBa Member

    @Peter Mittelstädt … I have a 2040 and no issues with HDMI. Also with the upcoming version the hdmi multichannel issue is solved. I can confirm as we tested with the team on my receiver with the latest version
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  15. Marathin

    Marathin New Member

    Hi Folks,

    so, as DMP-A6 has no originally Cast-Function to Cast-Able WiFi-Speaker I would like to know if the following steps would be make it possible:

    -Installing "Bubble-UPNP"-App ( by APK) on DMP-A6
    -Running the Bubble-UPNP App
    -let Bubble-UPNP read the Music-Files from connected Hard-Drive (by USB ) at DMP-A6
    -Start playing Music by Bubble-UPNP and Tapping the "Cast"-Button inside Bubble-UPNP.......Theoratically Bubble-UPNP will find the Cast-Able Speakers??????????

    Would be great if someone could confirm or maybe had tested it.....THANKS A LOT !!!!
  16. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I think it might work; but then... what's the point of having the A6?!? doing so you are neither using the A6 as a DAC, nor as a player...
  17. Marathin

    Marathin New Member

    That's right of course.....Main reason is to play my 5.1 MCH-Collection by HDMI.....:cool:
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  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The review was updated to match FW v1.2.10 for DMP-A6 release and Android Eversolo Controller v1.11.18 installed.

    Please correct me if I missed something.
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  19. McCol

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    I'm going to ask what is probably a really naive question that I think I know the answer too but need to check

    I've got my DMP-A6 connected to my Yamaha amp using RCA into line 1 of the amp. Am I bypassing the internal DAC of the Yamaha or should I be using a different way to connect?
  20. kc001

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