New firmware v1.2.4 for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mirror, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    new firmware 1.2.6 ... same bugs ... @stefan-ott was solln wir dazu sagen?
  2. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    logged in :)
  3. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    probably they put 20 new features in .. which nobody asked for.. and added 45 new bugs ..
  4. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Member

    I didn't misunderstand anything, the difference between the company's you mentioned, and Android box developers is like night and day, Microsoft made a complete mess of Windows 8, acknowledged they had and totally re-wrote it in the intermediate to please their customers, then released a new OS that those Windows 8/8.1 users could obtain for free. Asus the same, i have sent Asus products back for refund months after buying them if they don't fix the bugs, TBH they usually do even if that involves input and development from other people (Merlin, Tomato etc).
    Android boxes are a different entity altogether, most people who visit here will have a story of an Android box that was never fit for purpose and could no way have passed basic in house testing, simple requirments of a media box that just did not work, could not work and what happens, they just drop support and launch another box, and how do they get away with it? Because they are not some big company like Microsoft, they are a few guys sat around in a flat and if this company gets a real bad reputation, they just launch under another one, anyone remember Justop?
    What has shocked me in all of this is Nvidia, they are a company of decent reputation and for them to produce an Android box with bugs that seemingly can't be fixed maybe it is time for the likes of kodi etc to pull any support.
    Don't get me wrong on this, i really want a nice little device that can stream my all my Video files in great quality with native refresh rate, native bit rate , HD audio, 3D etc and i really hope that a product such as the Zidoo X9s can achieve this because that is what we all want, but unless their developers can actually write their own patches for Android itself it isn't going to happen, they know that so why not be honest about it?
    /rant off lol
  5. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    thats the way it runs here :(
    you got it!!!
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