Movie Studio, probably OK for a smartphone, but garbage for Zidoo

Discussion in 'General Android Apps' started by papiguy, Jun 28, 2015.

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    Zidoo claims to be a recorder, but a recorder without the possibility to modify the records is a poor one.
    This app could be very usefull provided a small modification be made to have the possibility to "load" videos from a micro SD card or a USB stick. Now, the system is ridiculous, warning that no camera is connected.
    I tried to copy a video file into "DCIM" or "Movies", but the app does not allow to select a path and further on a file.

    On my "simple" Avermedia recorder, after having recorded a film, it is possible to easily discard what is boring, such as advertisements, and beginning or end of a record.

    Suggestion: when the window listing the records is displayed, a click on the button "Menu" gives the possibility to rename or delete. It would nice to add "Modify" to launch the App Movie studio after its modification.
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