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    Bathmate is primarily used for penis enlargement, but it can also help you straighten out a bent penis too.When you wear the Bathmate device - https://hydrobathmatecoupon.webflow.io/, the water will create vacuum suction around your penis. This causes blood to surge into your penis and push your penis outwards.

    The extra amount of blood entering the penis helps make your penis cells stronger and more flexible, including the scar tissue. Eventually, the cells in the scar tissue area of the tunica will become less rigid so your penis doesn't bend as much.

    Penis stretchers can also help cure a bent penis. However, Bathmate is the superior product when it comes to fixing a bent penis. The reason is because Bathmate creates a uniform amount of pressure throughout the penis.With penis stretchers, you will get most pressure on the tip of your penis shaft and less pressure downwards. Since Bathmate is also very pleasurable to use, it couldn't be easier to get a straight penis with this device. And your straight penis will also be larger with Bathmate so you win all around!

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